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is it working already?

i started on monday, but till yesterday evening i used to add onion in my salads. yesterday after i checked with you i got spring onions instead.
this morning my electronic scales showed - 2 lb-
is it possible? i can`t believe it. i eat more meat than even in my life, usually i would eat only chicken breast and low fat ham.and i have no cravings for the forbidden foods.
i tried to drink at least 8 glasses of water. usually 2 before any meal. it makes me feel full and i don`t eat as much as i usually would.
i love this forum!!!!
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thanks. i am not sure if it is just water but i guess so. even so i am in the time of the month when i usually weigh 1-2 lb more. so it is just great that my scales show -2 -lb my usual weight.

today i got some chicken breat leftovers for breakfast. then 3 rashers crispi grilled bacon, and a lot of water. didn`t have time for slad but will have one in the evening, with 200 gr homemade meatballs. i bought the meat myself and waited the buther to make my herbs mince meat.
i am happy to eat all this greasy food ;)
The only way from here is DOWN! :)
Stick to it and you'll have a great loss on your first week :)
Yep just enjoy it!

When people first come to Atkins they are often amazed at how much they can eat and still lose weight, particularly in the first week. This 'diet' is about eating! Not starving.

The best diet in the world! ha ha x
thanks everyone. i was a bit dishearted when my scales showed i gained back the weight i lost. but i don`t really care abouth the scales. i can feel it and see it. 3 more cms and i will fit the dress for my sister`s wedding.
what is more important i will stick to atkins. i never lost 4 cm-s from my waist for 8 days before. it`s amazing. i do enjoy everything about atkins so far. i miss some carbs, true. but i will gradually increase my carbs after the induction. i felt so proud with myself last night.i went with a friend for a dinner in mayfair. it was the international women`s day, not only the pancake day. so i loved the grilled salmon with a few green leaves and plain water.
the best part was this morning in the hotel, we went for breakfast and while the rest of girls went for fruits and yougurt i happily loaded my plate with grilled smoked bacon, poached eggs, and few button mushrooms. of course i didn`t mention any diet or something. it`s nasty may be, but i truly enjoyed the envious comments about my "unhealthy and fatty brekkie"
i love it. and i do feel great.
the only thing is that lately i have a very bad cutting pain below my right ribs. it is where the gold bladder is supposed to be. the pain last for a min or two, but is severe and i can`t even breath when it happens.
anyone with the same experience?
I'd see a Dr about that pain, I never had anything like that, just don't mention Atkins, at most say low carb
previous problem with my pancreas

I'd see a Dr about that pain, I never had anything like that, just don't mention Atkins, at most say low carb
i think i will see a doctor. won`t tell him anything, just low carb. i know whatwill be the reaction when they here Atkins. and i don`t really need to lie. i am on low carb diet.
but the pain is really nasty. it attact when i don`t expect it and i need to bend andd hold my breath.
hopefully it will be gone tomorrow


Likes to change diets...
Yes I would go to your Drs about that pain.

Loved the bit in your post about your breakfast!!lol

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