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Is it worth it poll


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No comparison in my mind and Linda's are worth 2 syns easily, but then I don't like quorn so maybe not impartial lol

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hmmm...I dont like Linda's sausages, so would rather have the 2 syns for something else! Lol
I would rather save the 2 syns and eat the quorn ones :)


Vegetarian who lives2eat
me too,save the syns, i find LM sausages sort of greasy and just plain disgusting.I really dont like any of her products,must be all the soya.
I was veggie for 4 years in my teens (Mark Owen was so I decided I would be, much to the horror of my mother lol) and I've always hated LM meat substitutes. They've not got any better over the years and I would so save the syns for something much much tastier!


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they are the worst veggie sausages i've ever tasted - bleughr! :eek:

i LOVE the cauldron ones, but they're 2.5 syns - DEFINITELY worth it though! :D

the only linda mccartney product i've bought and liked is her lasagne - it really is delicious :) but for 10.5 syns on either day, it's a rare treat! lol
Thank you huns, I've cooked both so we are going to put LM to the test. I must say though they look lovely in the oven, on looks they win hands down against the quorn. Will let you know the verdict later on tonight.
As a veggie, I prefer the Quorn sausages. But give them both a go, it's worth a try and you may love them and think it's worth it. Or you'll know you don't like it and won't feel like you're missing out.
Well the result is in folks and 4 of us would rather starve to death (or eat liver) than eat LM sausages ever again, and 1 of us (the OH) thought they were lovely and an excellent substitute for the real sausage!. To quote somebody who played tennis once "you cannot be serious" I think hubby must be suffering from heat stroke lol.
The man in the white van will be calling shortly to our house with a straight jacket to remove 1 member of family.

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