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Is it worth starting Dukan before a holiday?

Have lost 2 stone with SW but have been stuck for 3 months - losing and gaining the same couple of pounds so need to do something different.... and am thinking about the Dukan.

We are going on holiday in 7 weeks (all inclusive - and I will want to eat/drink/enjoy it!) so I wonder whether it is worth starting before then? or would I be better starting afresh after the holiday?

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** Chief WITCH **
When I saw the title of your post, I came in here to say "wait until after". But now that I've read that you have a stone to lose maximum, and seven weeks, I'd advise having a go but moving onto Conso two weeks minimum before going IF you think you could stick to the Conso rules on holiday?

See what others think!
7 weeks is a long time, I'd say give it a go...In 7 weeks you might feel totally different about food anyway, I know Dukan has had that affect on me in only 2.5 weeks! Plus the weight lost in that 7 weeks could be enough to steer you towards more healthy choices on hols!
Thanks - I was expecting a no, if I'm honest!
I know all about the Attack and Cruise phases as my friend is doing this and I have cooked for her a few times, but I havent looked further than that - Is there an idiots guide to the consolidation phase available online as I haven't got the book at the mo.
Thanks x


** Chief WITCH **
In VERY basic terms, it's PV every day but one which is PP.
Each day, you add in 40g wholemeal bread, 30g cheese (there's a list of which are ok), one fruit (list again, most except bananas and cherries, nuts etc.)
Each week, you add in one portion of starch (he recommends pasta initially).
Each week, you have one gala meal (one glass of wine, starter, main and dessert of your choice. Only rule is no seconds!)

That's for the first half of Conso.


Having another go....
the daily mail plan that was published was for a 'pre -holiday ' diet, but i think it would be best to do it properly as we are slimming for life not a holiday x
If you are anything like me, I'd suggest starting now as otherwise you could have a much bigger gain to deal with at the end of the holiday.

I was debating whether to start or wait until after OH's birthday, our weekend away/ my birthday etc but I knew I'd just go mad until then and be very cross with myself in the end. The results will be well worth it, you'll prob feel miles better on holiday and you can still make good choices (whilst having fun!) while you're away.

Good luck whatever you decide. It's a great plan :D
Thanks Couteaux - I am still doing slimming world at the moment and was going to carry on with it until I switch - I have lost too much to risk putting it all on!!

Thanks everyone for your input. We have a party on Saturday so am thinking I am going to start Dukan Attack phase on Sunday and see how I go.... by which stage I will have done a big shop and stocked up on all the fish, shellfish and chicken I need!


** Chief WITCH **
Good idea to move straight from one to the other (and as SW is pretty carby, you should see a good loss in attack!).

Please check out our FAQs, and check out the official site to get your attack period determined. It's futile doing long periods of attack, except for the hugely obese, so 3 to 4 days will be fine for you.

Good luck!
Thanks Maintainer - Yes, the website said 3 days and I should lose 3lbs - but I may try and do 4 as my WI day is a Thursday and then it would mean I can have a PV day (am I getting the lingo?!) on Saturday when I will be eating lunch out for my aunts birthday..... which will be fun!

Not entirely sure this is going to be the diet for me longer term (was veggie for 25 years!!) but I am willing to give it a really good go and see how I get on.
Good luck :)

Don't forget you can also use tofu as your protein, so it doesn't need to be meat at every meal.
I love you guys - you are soooo helpful. Thanks. I haven't had tofu for a while - so I may give it a try.

I have just downloaded "The Book" to my kindle.... now I just need a bit of sunshine and I can have an afternoon in the garden to read through it.

I am actually a little bit excited!!


** Chief WITCH **
Another Kindle girl I see ;) (If I had to wait for the sun to read, though, I mightn't pick it up for a while!!)
Just wanted to come back and say a very big thank you to those that gave me a nudge in the right direction to do this. One week in and I am about 6lbs down which is fab! I have had a gain and my weight has stuck since strating cruise, but I can live with that and will keep at it.

The big difference for me is that by being wheat-free for just a week all the bloating around my has middle has gone and the holiday clothes that I was so desperate to fit in are now fitting me. People have really noticed the difference this week too - so thats been a boost for my confidence and given me my determination back.

I am finding it a little tough at time (not yet found a substitue for a packet of crisps lol!) but - no pain, no gain - or rather no loss!

You have all been so supportive this week too -
Well done Taffy! Superstar.

I am also stuck on criuse but only 3 days in so vwill just persevere. You are going to be superslinky on your holiday. Bikinis all the way.
Well done!! That is a fantastic loss and brilliant that you can feel a difference and people are noticing already!

Stick at it, it'll be well worth it :D x
Thanks - my little ticker lady seems to be whizzing along that tape measure as the inches are falling off. She needs to get at least half way across before my holiday, so I think I need to be feeding her lots of pure protein!!

Met up lots of friends yesterday that I hadn't seen for 2 or 3 weeks who all noticed a big difference.

I am also feeling much fitter. I ran 4k last night with my running club and managed to run the whole time and keep up with the group, which was a big improvement on previous weeks. I also had to buy myself a new pair of jogging bottoms after my old ones almost fell off me the week before!

Thanks again guys x

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