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  1. shazzy1970

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    After being "bunged up" for the last week and wanting to cut out the dulcolax which i have been taking weekly, i bought psyllium husk and fibre 89 and have been taking both for 4 days - nothing!! So i went into the chemist today and explained about the low carb diet etc and they told me i could take laculose. Is this right and is it any good - getting desperate to get thing "moving" normally again!
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    wow the psyllium husks didnt work?

    i used to have 1 table spoon of it with my morning shake now i am having 2/3 and i am having no probs :) and wow its thick!! lol

    sorry not much help am i? lol
  4. LoveIt

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    hey - I'm no expert but reading other threads... apparently Lactulose has sugar's in it so it will kick you out of ketosis BUT ketosis is only for the not hungry feeling and shouldn't effect your weight loss. I read that Lactulose really helps so if you're uncomfy I would just go with the lactulose and suffer the few days it takes to get back into ketosis! :D

    Maybe a CDC will be able to give you a more official answer though......
    Good luck anyway.. hope you get movement soon! xx
  5. descent

    descent Full Member

    I got prescribed that, amongst many other things by my doctor when I was having real problems and started getting very ill. It didn't work for me :( Only thing that worked in the end was eating real food, I think it was tomato soup that started me off actually:D After I was um...clear:eek: Got straight back onto SS and used psyllium husk capsules with great success ( it was like erm...going like a normal person instead of the weekly tortue it had become:eek:) just wish I had known about psyllium from the start:rolleyes: It may be that you have a blockage that needs clearing first, before the normal extra fibre supplements will work.:) Good luck anyway, it's not nice to go through:(
  6. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    Lactulose contains a high amount of sugar hun, it could knock you out of ketosis x x
  7. shazzy1970

    shazzy1970 Full Member

    I was taking 2 psyllium husk capsules a day - should i have tried taking more?? I sucumbed to the dulcolax the other day and "went" so i don't think there is a blockage but my bowels only seem to move when i use dulcolax and i've taken them for the last 6 weeks which i feel is way long enough. I don't want to get to the stage that when i come off CD i can't do a poo myself!
  8. descent

    descent Full Member

    Well on my pot it says 2 capsules 3 times a day, and thats with proper food. My cdc recommended 4 with each *meal* because its so concentrated and so little fibre, so this is what you are making up with the psyllium. I have to say it worked amazingly for me, and I wouldn't even know I was eating tiny amounts to be honest:)
  9. descent

    descent Full Member

    Oh and meant to say, when not on cd ( and i was on it a long time), havent had a problem going without psyllium:D
  10. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

    I take fibersure and that has psy husks in them and I take 2 x 3 times a day, and no problems, if you are backed up I would take the ducolax, and then start taking the PH 2 x 3 times a day and it should really help for the future.

    Feel for ya hun
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