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Is my Leader overdoing it?

S: 13st12.0lb C: 12st4.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 1st7.5lb(11.08%)
Now I know it is probably just her being supportive, but I can't help but wonder if my leader is being a bit over zealous with her in between meetings contact.

Since I rejoined I have had a text every single week. They are clearly generic though - one set of wording for gainers and one for losers (in the nicest sense of the word lol), some of the content just doesn't fit with how I got on at the scales. And she does a LOT of meetings.

Also, if you miss just one meeting you get the "please come back" letter. When I was a member before I had actually weighed somewhere else with a different leader because I couldn't make my usual meeting... and I still got a letter asking me to go back. I can understand if people have missed a few meetings, but one week when it is entirely plausible that people will have gone somewhere else? And once you have left you get letters every single week for about two months.

It must cost WW a bloody fortune. In fact I suspect that my leader is single handedly responsible for last year's price increase :D
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i dont get a thing from my leader not a text or a printed leaflet or anything like whne pp came in she told us she had the new points for the old receipe's and we could all copy it down off 1 page she had printed,like how hard would it have been to copy them so people could take home,,i keep telling people when i'm a leader i'll be giving out all sorts lol.
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my leader is the same as your yummymummy, took her 2 weeks to realise i needed the amount of points i had each day decreasing, theres no personal chat with her about how u are doing on WW, not even words of encouragement. Last week one of the helpers told a friend she wouldnt bother going if she only had the 3/4 of a stone left to loose that she does. Atm i am looking for a different leader, went to a different group last week and couldnt believe the difference in leaders, might start going to this one all the time.


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I used to go to a meeting with a very uncaring leader. Had been at it 3 weeks and had lost 5lbs. The 4th WI i lost half a pound. She was moaning like hell and asking me how i only managed to lose that! Never went back to that meeting again.
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When I used to go to meeting my leader would send you a post card out saying how much I was missed if I missed one class - never got txts or phone call though which Im pleased about.


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Sounds a little keen to me! Missing one class is normal, sounds desperate to keep her numbers up!

I had the perfect balance with my old leader Michelle, I'd only get the note in the post if I missed a couple of classes. I never got calls or texts. Lovely little notes if I did well (and not so well!) that were personalised (I know they're generic designs but she wrote special things on everyones). We had a replacement leader once when Michelle was on holiday and she wad a self-indulgent, boring unsympathetic leader.

I'm so glad I got a good balance, if it weren't for her I really don't think I'd have done so well!


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This is why I'm an online member- I'm only answerable to myself and never have to listen to a dreary talk! I know some leaders must be good but I've never met one and believe me I've tried a fair few!
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one of my leaders used to send a congratulations card if you reached a certain goal, or a well done card if you were having continuous losses, or a "we miss you" card if you didn't go for a few times. I did like that, I thought it as a nice touch because it always motivated me to do better. I think it really depends on the member... maybe if you spoke to her and told her that you don't like that she would stop!


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I think its lovely that leaders would take the time to do this, though I do think the letter after one missed class is OTT! Its great encouraging members not to miss weeks though!!!

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