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Is the Claire Sweeney program thingy on tonight?

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i dont understand what its trying to prove?


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The synopsis for it is - Claire Sweeney investigates why its so easy for us to get fat, by going on a diet which involves no self control.

Wahat will be the impact on her physical and emotional wellbeing?

To me, it sounds like they are doing the thing Louise Redknapp did a couple of years back only in reverse! lol


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I wanted to watch that is bb on the same time lol


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Sometimes when celebs have been out of the public eye for a time they come up with this sort of thing. xxx


Reached Target. woohoo
S: 14st0lb C: 9st4lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 22.3 Loss: 4st10lb(33.67%)
Yes, its a bit confusing isn't it? xxx


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Apparently on This Morning she said her blood pressure shot up!
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It looks like a british version of Supersize Me, american dude lived off fastfood only to be proving the same point that we all know anyway: junkfood = bad for you.

I know what it does it'll more just be funny watching her stuffing her face but aye another her and ww exercise dvd sequel be likely in the works!
its on this very moment lol im watching it :p


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she has gained more inches in 6 weeks than i have lost in 6 months!

2st weight gain in 6 weeks shows how easy it can creep on

oh well onwards and downwards lol
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Just shows what 28lb can look like on someone! Scary!
I want a personal trainer! That'd be so cool!
she is on the cover and in the leading article of the new Weightwatchers mag- with how she lost it again!
I did not see the point either- anyone could put on if they overate fatty foods for weeks on end,


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I watched this and enjoyed it - its madness - she put on the same amount as i have to lose and i have to say with the weight i put on by eating lots of takeaways and drinking wine the past year has given me the same shape that she had!

Watching it really spurs me on to lose that weight!
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I agree with Lauryloo, I have put on the same amount as Claire did in the programme in over 18 months through eating naughty food and drinking wine just about every night (have realised i can't really blame the baby weight anymore).

I ended up recording it so i can go back to it if i feel the need to have a binge to remind me what i would like to aim for as i think she has a lovely figure.


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She may be mad, but we've had a few 'celebrities' doing the opposite by trying unhealthy detox diets which is probably just as bad.

I thought it was interesting that she put on so much in such a short time. She wasn't even a binger!

Just goes to show when we see these skinnies it's easy to forget that they are often 'on the case' to keep slim and many are just as capable at putting on loads of weight by coming off plan (be it diet, or maintenance).

It was a good reminder to me that I can never come off 'maintenance'.

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