Is there something we can apply to our skin to help it shrink better?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Bigmama2littlemama, 2 March 2007 Social URL.

  1. Bigmama2littlemama

    Bigmama2littlemama Full Member


    I want to buy some lotions and potions to help firm up and reduce skin flaps.

    Someone mentioned BIO-OIL, is this good or is there something better out there?


    bm2lm xx
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  3. natayou

    natayou a bit different everyday

    bio oil is very good, it even fades stretch marks, u only need a bit and the bottle lasts for ages it is quite pricey, but it does work.
    You can also put a little bit of it in the bath [but remember to clean it out with a good degreaser afterwards[like washing up liquid]
    hope this helps
    nat xx
  4. Bigmama2littlemama

    Bigmama2littlemama Full Member

    Thanks hun x
  5. clairabellx

    clairabellx Full Member

    Well, tomorrow I am trying Transion treatment to see if it can ping back my tum - will keep you posted!!!! The pics on the web look impressive.
  6. polishrose

    polishrose Gold Member

    What is transion treatment??
  7. Happe

    Happe escaping the fat

    I didnt think bio oil helped with tightening skin. I know its good for avoiding and reducing stretchmarks. Sonkie mentioned an avon firming cream she has started using and noticed a difference within days. Not too expensive either so worth a go.
  8. clairabellx

    clairabellx Full Member

    Transion I think works like slendertone but you have it done at salon and it covers a larger area. I had the first one yesterday and I had half an hour of electric currents wizzing round my tum. I have not noticed much change but agreed to go for a course of 5 treatments by the end of March. She said it is the equivalent of doing 1000 of perfect isometric situps in that time. I have no pain of tensed muscles today and it didn't hurt to have the treatment (altho it tickled like hell!!!) It costs £195 for 5 treatments. Will keep you posted on how it goes.
  9. SHAZA

    SHAZA Silver Member

    Hi all trying to avoid saggy skin

    I am seeing my cousin tonight who is big into alternative treatments and beauty within all that rubbish

    She text me and said expensive creams are a waste of money, bio oil it might work but will not tighten baggy skin

    The best thing in her opinion is any cream with collagen in as this improves the elasticity of the skin

    I am going shopping tomorrow and I will keep you posted

    I might treat one side of my belly and leave the other plain ~just to see if there are really any results NO WHAT A SITE THAT WOULD BE

    Does slendertone work and has anyone been on the toning tables??
  10. girlygirl

    girlygirl Silver Member

    You are absolutely right - NO cream or oil, cheap or the price of a house, will help saggy skin.

    It's important to realise that before you shell out £££s. The beauty industry naturally assures us that miracle creams will solve our problems; they want our cash! We might FEEL better psychologically for rubbing in creams but the skin will not snap back as a result of doing so.

    I wonder, would ingesting more collagen - such as supplements, say - help? Must investigate.
  11. wannabslim

    wannabslim Gold Member

    Hey all, does anyone know if we can use collagen supplements? The ones I am looking at contain Vit C as well to aid the utilisation of the collagen. They are selling it at Holland and Barrett for a tenner on sale?

  12. SHAZA

    SHAZA Silver Member

    Saw my cousin last night and she said its all about collagen as this is what gives you the elasticity in your skin, she also said the toning tables would help so i am going to give it a whirl

    Please let me know about the Holland and Barrett stuff as it sounds super

    I am really struggling today as I am really really hungry dont like the aam at all, I want to eat the whole chicken once I start not 2 silly oz ~ no intention of giving up but its really really hard. I am so ratty at work my work mates are going to move me to another room on my own if I keep it up
  13. wannabslim

    wannabslim Gold Member

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