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Is this it for me?


Proud to be a Loser!
Harumph. I sort of think that I won't lose much more weight. Ideally, I'll lose another 15 pounds but I've run out of motivation and energy.

I don't know why I'm all glum all of a sudden. But I am. It's sort of hard to come to terms with the fact that, I've done this amazing and incredibly hard thing, but I'm no better off for it. I'm still ashamed of my body, even more so now, in fact. And it's blatantly obvious that losing weight has not made me any more attractive to the opposite sex. Seems like such a waste of time.

I just get so lonely I feel like sobbing.
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Don't give up sweetie, you've done fantastically well so far. And judging by your avatar pics, you're a very pretty lady. Perhaps you just need to venture out to some new places to meet different faces. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut, going to the same old places week after week. Try somewhere new. It worked for me, and 19 years later we're still together.;)
And remember to act confident, even if you have to fake it. Confidence makes you seem more approachable to the opposite sex (or so one of my happily single friends tell me).


can see the end in sight!
oh hannah, I'm so sorry to hear that you are having a tough time. I am the same, I just don't have the motivation anymore to get this last 8lbs off. Can't be bothered! Please don't be too hard on yourself, you are beautiful and have done so amazingly well. Chin up hun. Xx
Awww Hannah, you are gorgeous! seriously, in your avatar pic you look lovely. Why don't you take a week off from this diet and re-evaluate what you want. I guess you started this diet because YOU wanted to and not for attention from men etc? (hugs) I hope you feel better when you wake up in the morning xx


Trying to stay healthy!
hi Hannah, sorry to hear you are so down, but just wanted to say i read in your other thread that you have been ill so its totally understandable that you'll be feeling a little below par just now, which plan are you doing at the moment?
Maybe a little exercise might lift your mood if you are feeling up to it, it's amazing what this can do for the brain.
I hope you don't mind me quoting your post from last week on positive changes -

So many positive things...

I can confidently go to new places and not feel that people are disgusted at me for my size...I can blend in now and that suits me just fine!

I can go into any clothes shop and know they will have my size

I have VERY prominant collarbones now - people are always commentin on them and I love it

My face actually has a shape, and it's a pretty one

I could go on for ages! xxx
All this is still true...Give yourself time and you'll remember why you're doing this and how good it has made you feel

Wishing you a great day today!

Hi Hannah!!:D

I have followed your progress over the year and you give ME the motivation to carry on every day.:):)

Remember you did this diet for you, so that you can feel healthier and look even more fabulous than you did when you first started. You are a really pretty girl and i feel being too hard on yourself. Give yourself a good 6 months-year to get used to living in the new 'you', you will gain so much confidence and thats what men are attracted to. You will find Mr Right when the time is right and he will love EVERYTHING about you, even all the imperfections you dont.:);)

Chin up, go out and have a bit of fun shopping/meeting friends or treat yourself to a new bottle of perfume (thats what im doing today!!!):p:p

take care

You've done so well, don't give up now. You're a positive inspiraton to everyone on here.

It's hard when you want to meet someone and it's not happening, but people often say it happens when you're least expecting it. Cut yourself some slack, you've had a lot of changes and you need to get used to the new you.

The confidence doesn't always happen straight away and nor does the liking your body. People often find they are still unhappy when they lose weight after thinking that would make them happy.

You have so much to be proud about though and as others have said, you're beautiful. Perhaps you do get attention, but because you're not feeling happy you don't even notice it?
Hey Hannah I know exactly where you are coming from, I lost 8 stone and even though deep down I know I look better for it, I'm still not happy with my body.

Have you thought about having some form of therapy to help you 'come to terms' with the fact that your body has changed so much?

You've done so well and lost a life changing amount of weight and it does take your head time to catch up with the fact that your body looks so different!

And like others have said you have a very pretty face, try and boost your self esteem by buying some new clothes and even little things like making more of an effort with hair/make up can really lift your spirits.

Good Luck :)

Hi Hannah,

You honestly do look great! Please don't be so hard on yourself xxx
And it's blatantly obvious that losing weight has not made me any more attractive to the opposite sex. Seems like such a waste of time.

I just get so lonely I feel like sobbing.
Hannah I SO understand how you feel. I am more than twice your age and believe me it is even harder as you can't take years off like you can lbs. I too get lonely sometimes and hardly go out to be honest. I had a bad time on Friday and was made to feel that I looked awful. I felt like I may as well have been 22 stone and I questioned if it was a waste of time. However, you have to put it in perspective. I know you have also been ill but I bet on the whole you are much healthier and fitter than before the diet. I also can see how good you look and believe me, you obviously are just like me in that you must be going for the wrong men but you have to meet a lot of frogs to find your prince! It isn't going to happen overnight and you have to feel good about yourself first. Why don't you forget about them for a while though and concentrate on yourself. You CAN lose the rest of the weight but only you can make yourself do it. (Remind me of this when I get to the last bit please! lol)
Hi hannah

This may sound harsh and don't mean it to but you won't meet anybody truely worthy meeting until you absolutely love yourself inside. It's gonna take your brain an awful long time to catch up with this new slim body. While you think negative it's not shining through on the outside which in turn will put off men or should I say ones worth bothering with.

Don't look at the negatives hannah like everyone else I agree you are beautiful on the outside too..... Your brain can't process that yet ;) but it will

Only once you love yourself ..... You will love life that bit more and the world will seem a better place, trust me xxxx


Silver Member
Hannah, Its sooo difficult to keep that motivation going, Ive struggled this last month but dont be hard on yourself!

Hows your exercise regime? Mines pretty much non existant just now but I know when I do some it makes me feel much more positive about things and really lifts my mood even if i have to force myself to do it I enjoy it once i get going!

really hope the clouds lift soon for you.

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