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Is this the sort of stuff I should be eating?!!!

Are these the things I should be eating to lose weight? I need to lose 4 stone and cant afford Cambridge Diet anymore :(

Special K bar
Belvita Biscuits
Fruit Salad & Natural yog
Oats So Simple Porridge

Tuna Mayo (light) on brown bread with lettuce and cucumber
Tuna Mayo & lettuce wrap (tesco healthy living ones)
Chicken & Veg soup


Low fat pie & Veg
Low fat ready meal & veg (I dont cook and HATE the thought of cooking and like things that I know the EXACT amount of cals in)

Im stuck for ideas, trying to keep the carbs low really x
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size 14 here I come
Sounds good to me! but I would try have snacks such as fruit veg too and low fat pie!? never knew that existed lol! I would rather make something like chicken breast/steak/ommelette instead of pie/ready meals but I rely on ready meals sometimes just for quickness but I much prefer fresh :) good luck
Ive no idea how to make an ommlette but my nana makes the best ones ever!!! Yum!!!
I like grilled chicken breast but find the meal very dry with just veg?


size 14 here I come
scrambled egg is soo easy cheap and healthy, just 2/3 eggs dash of milk wisk it up and pour into a pan and just keep stirring until scrambled :) or ommelette do the same but pour into a frying pan and dry fry or with a bit of fry light to stop sticking add peppers,mushrooms,tomatoes,onion,cheese,or all for a nice meal, serve with lots of yummy salad. Or what about those new birds eye fish in a bag or prawns in a bag, sooo yummy serve with lots of salad and new potatoes :)


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Ive no idea how to make an ommlette but my nana makes the best ones ever!!! Yum!!!
I like grilled chicken breast but find the meal very dry with just veg?
Add some gravy? I buy vegetable gravy (vegetarian, so I'd substitute the chicken breast for a Quorn alternative) and just mix the spoonful of powder with hot water, just adds about 20 calories to the meal but makes a huge difference to its taste :)


size 14 here I come
never heard of that rigby ..

My omlettes were rubbish, broken up and stuck to pan. Then I discovered if I wisked a couple of eggs in a bowl and put it in the microwave for a minute or so I got the most wonderful fluffy omelette.

x Nee x

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I try to avoid, chips and pies especially :)

I like having pasta with veg, chicken, veg and gravy, jacket potatoe with tuna and salad etc

Egg on toast, baked beans on toast....

Snack wise I have cereal bars and yoghurts, sometimes even curly wurlys there only 110 cals :)
I find a really yummy and filling lunch is a tin of heinz tomato soup (226kcal for a large tin or 171kcal for the smaller one), 4 crispbreads (76kcal) spread with two squares of laughing cow blue cheese/onion spread (50kcal- 25kcal each). So thats 352 kcal or 297kcal (I think, doing this in my head) and even with a smaller tin is plenty filling.
The only thing I would say is that you don't have much variation there. Maybe you're not like me but I get bored with food easily.

I like to have pasta dishes with less pasta and more veg (keeps the carbs relatively low). You can make a cheese type sauce with primula, or chuck in a load of low fat phili. If I want a tomato sauce i just cook my pasta, and veg in the water together, grill meat if I'm having it, drain the water off the pasta/veg, put it back in the pan and add the tomatos/cheese until mixed through and hot.

The same thing works for rice dishes, just have a tiny amount of rice, and loads of curry sauce (some of the jars are quite good!)and loads of meat & veg.

It doesn't take any longer than a ready meal to do this, and you may find, depending on what you like to eat that you get to eat more for your calories if you cook from scratch, plus it's easier to adapt to the more veg & meat + less carby stuff. Oh and it means you get to eat whatever you like if you can adapt it to suit low cal/carb.

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