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Is this too restrictive?


I will succeed!!!
Hi all -

I posted yesterday about stagnant losses atm and how I was going to have a strict week (syn wise) to try boost my losses.


Breakfast: Vanilla Muller Light, orange, banana and a NAS vimto

Snack: Alpen Light - apple (3 syns)

Lunch: Small jacket spud, 28g cheese (HEA) and beans. 1syn worth of marg.

Snack: Banana

Dinner: two SW safe fried eggs and 4 slices Nimble (HEBs). 2 syns of marg.

Snack: Orange & hot NAS vimto

Other drinks: Water all day

TOTAL: 6syns


Breakfast: Muller light, banana and apple

Snack: Alpen light (1/2 HEB)

Lunch: Tomato, cucumber, beetroot and boiled egg salad - no dressing. Strawberries and a banana.

Snack: Apple, Alpen light (1/2 HEB)

Dinner: Roast salmon steak, steamed brocolli and carrots. HEB worth of boiled tatties with 2 syns of marg in.

2 syns.

Is this too restrictive? I don't usually eat so few syns - I'm doing it in hope it may kick start my body again but don't want to b*gger it up!

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It does look rather strict! It's recommended not to go below 5 a day really, so if you could up them a teeny bit, that may be okay.

There are quite a few bananas in there - I don't know if you've tried and tested your bananability™ but I know two a day wouldn't do me much good! Could you swap them for a different fruit to increase your speed foods?

You could eat more speed foods generally perhaps? I think today looks better than yesterday, but just whack a couple more syns in there.

Good luck - it's horrible having a stuck phase and I hope this is the trick that gets you going again.

I agree, its very restrictive Hun and shouldnt be.
I would have a look through the super speed food list and eat tonnes of these this week to help.
I dont eat more than 1 banana a day either as they do slow weight loss down (same as grapes).


I will succeed!!!
Ok ladies thanks. Bananas don't seem to bother me and I usually have 2 a day but will drop one and have something else. We just have a huge bunch that need eating this week so been eating them first...didn't even think!

I'll try up my syns today and speed foods. Like I said, it's not my usual menu as I usually eat much much more. Thanks for the advice, as always xxx
Up the syns to at least 5 for sure. Other than that your meals don't look nearly enough! I'd be starving if I had eggs on toast for my evening meal. I see what you are trying to do but instead of changing meals and dropping syns, why not try SE? You still get your A's B's and syns and all that needs a bit of adjustment is the meals.
I hope it works for you hun. x
I'd suggest either following Success Express or Mix 2 Max for a week to see if that makes a difference.

Syns - If I were you, I'd aim for 5-10 as it's within the plan guidelines, a bit less strict and not so restrictive. There's no point in you suffering!

Some people (including me) did a speed food challenge a few months back - eat at least 5 speed or superspeed foods every day for a week. I got a good weight loss that week and enjoyed eating things I don't always have - maybe worth a try?!
Hi Christina, I think it is a little bit restrictive and just wanted to say that its not uncommon for people to plateau for a while especially as they get nearer to their goal weight which you are. I would carry on doing what you have been doing and as long as your not gaining weight, as frustrating as it is not to loose any, I would just hang in there till your body is ready to move again. At class I went to many moons ago, a lady stood still for nearly 6 months before she lost her last 10lb or so. She must have had a will of iron cos many would have crumbled at that point I think, but she stood firm and eventually she started moving again and in a matter of weeks she reached target. Don't be too impatient to get to goal by cutting corners, do it properly and you will be rewarded. xx


I will succeed!!!
Thanks all.

I upped my daily syns to over 5 a day and brought in more speed foods. My doctor confirmed I have IBS on Friday and said I should cut my fruits and veggies down a little to help, so will have to have a think about my meal plans now.

I've also pretty much taken diet pepsi out of my daily life (I was drinking more and more so cut it back to basics for my own well being and to try help with the bloaty feeling) and in the past few days my tummy is very much less bloated than it was (feel and look). I have WI on Tuesday nights so no idea if the scales reflect, but I feel a little less stressed about it and that's all that matters right now :)

Thanks for all your advice and help - I was feeling desperate to be honest.

I do a fair bit of working out anyway, but I mixed it up over the weekend with some DIY (painting the bedroom) which worked up a sweat - it's a barn and the ceilings upstairs are very high so it was up and down ladders (realised I am scared of them but I had to get it done) and the roller use should have done my arms the world of good lol!

Thanks again - you're all lovelies. xx

P.S My portions aren't often that huge anyway - I tend to eat 4 smaller meals anyway...so don't worry, I wasn't making my portions teeny tiny - just cut out a lot of the 'in betweeners'
I'm not going to add to the fabulous advice already given, just wanted to say: lose weight = EAT!
Natt has stolen my thunder! I'd suggest rather then restricting try upping your syns to the max and eating more speed foods where you can (allowing for the IBS) also try and mix it up with some quorn meals as they are totally free! Good luck
I cut Diet Coke out of my diet when I was made redundant 2 months ago and feel sooo much better for it! Now it's even more enjoyable when I have a treat (bought 1litre botttle this morning cause I'm coming down with a cold)!! Have started on scan bran cake too which seems to be doing me good this week (gets everything going ;) )


I will succeed!!!
Natt has stolen my thunder! I'd suggest rather then restricting try upping your syns to the max and eating more speed foods where you can (allowing for the IBS) also try and mix it up with some quorn meals as they are totally free! Good luck
Heck guys I hear ya! This is usually what I'd say to others on here. But trust me - when I was sick I wasn't off plan, but not eating enough and so and when I did I was having extra HEBs (syned). I pretty much survived on toast, pasta and spuds for a week with hardly any speed foods. So thought I wasn't OFF plan, I wasn't doing it right either.

The weeks since I've been uber good and nothing. I usually eat more smaller meals and snacks between and it's worked so far but nada since being poorly. This (above) is an attempt to try jump start self, but I am aware that eating too little is as bad as too much because of how body reacts (i.e. don't want a huge loss this week and gain it back). I've upped the food since I posted this thread initially but I have still stayed between 5-10 syns. And I've not been going hungry - I made sure of that :)

If I carry on this way I seriously need to speak to my consultant...or do another pregnancy test! Just in case! *gulp*

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