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Extra Easy Is today's food diary ok???

Hi all :wavey:

I am still getting my head around EE and would like your input on today's food diary:

Breakfast: Virtually fat free natural yougurt, Banana & Apricots, 1 tsp honey (1 syn)

Lunch: 2 rashers back bacon (fat removed), 2 slices wholemeal bread taken from a 400g loaf (HEXB), third of a tin of baked beans, grilled tomatoes, loads of mushrooms dry fried

Dinner: Roast pork (fay removed), approx 2 tbsp mashed potato,1 tsp flora extra light marg (1 syn) 2 tbsp peas, swede, carrots, cauliflower, gravy (2 syns), strawberries, M&S meringue nest (2.5 syns)

HEXA: 250ml semi-skimmed milk used for drinks

Drinks: 3 coffee's and 1l water with sugar free squash

Total syns so far = 6.5

Any comments greatly appreciated:)
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Just had a 2 finger KitKat (5.5 syns), takes me a shade over 10 but only had 7.5 syns on Friday.

Weigh in tomorrow so will have to see, although according to my scales (which weight the same as the meeting scales) it looks as though I will stay the same:sigh: Just don't understand why I'm only losing 0.5lb a week:cry:

Need to stop doing this at home though :scale:


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Maybe your not eating enough? I normally have a bigger brekkie and snacks in-between meals. Might be worth asking when you go to group.


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Menu looking good, as long as 1/3rd of plate is superfree it should be fine. Stick with it because it can take our bodies awhile to adjust.
I should say stop weighing yourself at home but I'm guilty of that even though I know it can be demoralising :)
Just concentrate on one day at a time and if the losses aren't as you'd hoped then maybe add in some Green / Original days to see if that has a better result for you.
Wishing you loads of luck


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remove all scales your killing yourself having them ;)
im not 100% sure but you might have to syn your virtually fat free yogurt aswell, I was eating 'virtually' and my consultant told me to syn it or change to mullerlites :)

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