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Isn't it amazing...

...how a new haircut can really change the way you feel? Or is it just me? As I'm shrinking I'm thinking about myself more (eesh I hope I don't become one of those people!) so took myself off to the salon for the first time in about 6 months!

I've just had my hair done - don't worry - I'm still pink. But done by someone new who has given it a really cool, slick, sleek style - that suits my newly slimmer face! And it's really given me a boost.

Just wondering if anyone else out there is finding boosts in the strangest of places - or maybe not so strange!

K xxx
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Oh lucky you I am so jealous. I love having my hair done. I have been letting it grow plus grey is coming through and it is a bit wild at the moment. Went to the hairdressers today and he wouldn't touch it waaah!

I have to use non permanent die on my roots for about six months before I can have the highlights I want. Also, because I want to tie it back on holiday he says that even a trim would make it too short :(

Heres hoping this rinse I bought covers my grey :8855: I am so tempted to get a lovely cut but I need to straigten my hair and in 90 odd degree heat it would be a waste of money :cry::cry::cry:

Sorry for that moan hunny enjoy your new hair cut you most certainly deserve to feel good xxxx


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I know exactly what you mean hun. I am really becoming quite vain lol. I am wearing make up more often. Spending ages on skincare and buffing my skin etc.
The biggest boost for me is the physical side of marriage (if you know what I mean). That side of things has improved dramatically. I just feel more confident and better about myself..... hubby not complaining lol.
Niamh xxx


Here we go again!
Good for you K. It's about time we started thinking about ourselves, afterall I think we really do deserve it!

I had my hair cut and highlighted the other week by my daughter, who has almost finished her training to be a hairdresser. My hair was quite light to start with but with the highlights I'm almost a blonde now! I've never been blonde in my life (except when I was about 5).

Keep on treating yourself, you deserve it.
Heheheh us pinks enjoy life too! Especially when children are so amazed by the hair they walk in to things! I really shouldn't laugh!

My niece believes that all aunts have pink hair - so when someone said their aunt was coming into nursery she said to them "she can't be your aunt - she hasn't got pink hair!" - brilliant! x

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