It works - I'm living proof a year later!

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  1. Dunder Doodles

    Dunder Doodles Full Member

    Hi you lovely LT's,

    I'm more of a "reader" than a "poster", I joined this forum in January 2013 when I started TFR (I was doing Lighter Life, but used this forum as the LL forum was quieter than a library on a Sunday!).

    I started off last January around 20 stone, and this January, I'm 8 stone lighter - I've attached my before and after pic.
    I actually got to my goal in June last year, helped by a bout of appendicitis which enabled me to get the last 1 stone off in little under a week!!
    I have been able to maintain since, I fluctuate by around 4lbs either way, but I've never allowed myself to deviate outside of this range.
    This is quite an achievement for me, as every January for the last 25 years, I have started a diet, managed to lose around 2-3 stone by Easter, then always give up, meaning by the end of the year, I've gained back everything I'd lost, plus another stone for good measure!!

    I wanted to offer some reassurance, as when I was doing TFR, everyone, and I mean literally EVERYONE thought I was insane, and constantly told me "as soon as you start to eat, you will pile it back on again"....well, here I am 7 months later, I still eat 3 sensible meals a day, and allow myself a small treat at the weekend, and guess what?! I'm neither insane, nor has it piled back on. Stay strong everyone, it works.

    What's really changed and worked for me is I've finally managed to crack my carb addiction. I stay relatively low carb, never suffer with hunger pangs and not craved chocolate since around February last year :) I truly believe this is the reason I've been able to maintain and for the first time ever, be successful.

    This forum is a life saver, I still come and read it every day, the support is truly awesome!

    One shake at a time, one day at a time xxx

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  3. IrishSam

    IrishSam Member

    Thank you Dunder..i needed this today. Well done, your story is a real inspiration. I hope that this time next year I can post the same :D
  4. tubbyme11

    tubbyme11 Full Member

    wow well done hun you look fantastic xx
  5. stevefish69

    stevefish69 Full Member

    Well done - A true inspirational story :D
  6. HopefulGirl

    HopefulGirl Member

    Thank you so much for posting! It's so good to know that there are people like yourself out there, succeeding and genuinely keeping the weight off! At times it can feel hopeless and insurmountable but you help GIVE hope so thank you!
  7. LipoLoser

    LipoLoser Member

    thanks for this post, you look amazing. ive put 5 stone i lost through other dieting back on over 2 years and im so disappointed with myself. Today is day one of lipotrim and im more determined than ever and this WILL be a life style change not just a quick fix. Im starting this 3 weeks before my 30th and still dont plan to deviate. 6 months seems a daunting time period to be on LT, but i will keep referring to this thread to keep me going

    well done!

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