its 49 days till xmas

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    so in theory you can take that as half of foundation time till xmas. So a possible 1.5stone loss till then? Am i right in my thinking or am i being optimistic?

    YEY i cant wait till xmas!
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    INTHESUMMEROF69 Full Member

    I was just working that out before coming on here . Really is a build up for one day well 2 boxing day also
  4. Dancing

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    LL claims 3 stone in 14 weeks ... you have 7 weeks ... so definately think you can lose 1 and half stone in that time (half of 3 stone).

    good luck
  5. Miss_Bettany

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    is anyone else abstaining totally through Christmas and New Year? Or am I on my own??
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    I have been umming and ahhing about whether to have a small amount of meat and leafy veg on xmas day. I am thinking not, today. Yesterday I as thinking maybe. Might just leave the option open for now. I am only 6 days in so might see how my loss is at the time.
  7. scotwannabethin

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    W8 as need to lose so I can TTC!!!
    I thought I was going to be starting RtM come crimbo but my weight loss isn't as fantastically wonderfully quick as I thought so I suspect that come crimbo and new year that I will stick to the packs. It is probably too early to tell but my way of thinking is changing in terms of the fact that I won't be far away from where I want to be by then and a couple of weeks more and I should be at goal and every mouthful of food I have between now and then is a blocker to that weight goal.
    Perhaps that is a bit of crocked thinking but hubby wants me to come out for a meal with him tonight and not have my usual coffee and a bar but I tried to explain the above to him, but he thinks that a little something won't hurt considering I have been so good and lost well over 4stone now. Not so sure about his logic but by and large he is supportive. I guess he just gets sick of me not "enjoying" my food like I used to. Got me where I was six months ago!!!! Not somewhere I want to go back to if I can help it.
    So, I will probably be abstinent over the festive period but there will be other ones!! Which I am sure I will enjoy just as much. Don't have to eat to enjoy spending time with my family, kinda got that now!
  8. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    I'm sitting on the fence at the moment as well. Will decide on the day - IF I eat (and I'll be in development then), then I will do meat and veg only (and perhaps one glass of wine).
  9. Christovee

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    My plan is to abstain over Christmas on the same basis as scotwannabethin. Every day I abstain is a day closer to my goal weight. I can eat a roast after Christmas and there should be enough on that day to keep my distracted. I'll just go and visit my parents AFTER dinner.

    However, if you do eat something, I would avoid the veggies as they have carbs in them and may take you out of ketosis which could take you another three days to get in to. If you really can't resist just go for a bit of meat wihtout the gravy and cranberry sauce.
  10. Miss Fenella

    Miss Fenella Full Member

    I'm still thinking.

    Part of me says - you must enjoy life and if you can't sit and break bread with your family at Christmas what a sad stae of affairs

    the other hal says: it's one day, sit and have a shake with them. Go off programme now and there will always be another excuse (Birthday anniversary etc etc)
  11. leesy

    leesy Full Member

    I plan to be more or less at goal - so will give myself xmas day and boxing day off with restrictions, then return to packs for the rest of the year and move into RtM in the New Year.
    I think if I was further away from my goal I would chose to abstein, but under the circumstances I will loosen the reigns for once!

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