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Its a family thing!


Always welcome new m8's!
Although this forum feels like a family, mine are literally all joining in!

First it was me and my oldest sister. We stick together through most things and have promised each other not to cheat now and i will never let her down. Both WI's we have been too together we lost exactly the same amounts!

Then my seriously overweight middle sister joined in but quit after 2 hours...her partner said "you should eat" nice guy huh? We think of him as a feeder, keeping her big so she wont leave him. We dont speak so i cant tell her to get a grip. She has put on 7 stone since been with him (3yrs)...i hope she sorts herself out.

Now my dear mummy is on it! and how different we are! she loves the vanilla and chicken, which i hate, and she cant stand the chocolate and strawberry, which i love!

Hopefully all 3 of us can show my other sister it can be done and she will give it a go. She is hoping for a gastric band through the NHS but it wont happen. I hope she sorts it out, shes only 30 but i think shes putting a huge strain on her heart.:(

Families eh?

Does anyone else have people in there lives doing LT with them?
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not me, but good luck to all of you.. your doing great xx
Im all alone too doing this, which sometimes makes it hard but when I log on here there are lots of other people in the same boat so that helps, now I must go and do my stomach crunches or I will always have a flabby belly, Nite everyone


Is thinking positive!
I am on it alone also in the family, My sister started it 3 times but could not last over 4 or 5 days, And :D My Brother he had a full breakfast in the morning, Started Lipotrim in the afternoon and 4 hours later caved in and had an Indian..He said it was to much for him has he got a headache and was starving :D:D


Always welcome new m8's!
Guess my sis is the quickest quitter then, 2 hours....crazy!
My mum went on it but quit after 4 days. She keeps saying she's going to get back on it but I don't think she will. And my little (alright, middle) sister wants to do it but she's only 16 and only about a stone overweight so I'm definitely not happy about her doing it and hopefully no pharmacist worth his salt will let her do it either.

Work, however, is a different story. Everyone seems to be on it lol


Always welcome new m8's!
My niece is 16 and wants to do it so my sister and i tested her. Gave her 3 powders and she only managed 2 before tucking into a hearty jacket spud! haha!
My OH just started yesterday, I am in my 6th week, he is finding it hard, but I am here to help him, plus he is sooooooooo stubborn, and he will just tell himself that if I can do it then he can :giggle:

I feel so bad for him though :(

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