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It's a Long, Long Road To Wander All Alone...so I am here. My Diary

Hi guys and gals :)Well "It's a Long, Long Road" is the title of one of my favourite songs, by Blue Highway the greatest bluegrass band of all time. So when I am not looking at weight loss I am either doing university work, or playing music or listening to music.

So...I am not sure I am looking at a specific diet just yet. What I am determined to do is introduce healthier eating patterns. So this week I am looking at changing some habits.

- am going to try a week without crisps, chocolate, biscuits, or cake. I am not going to try having no chips just now.

- reduce portion sizes

- have more regular meals. I shall set myself meal times.

As for exercise, I am hoping to get some personal training in the near future (after Christmas when I can afford it!). Until then, I guess I can aim to just try to be less sedentary. Essays have to be done as well :sigh:

So...I shall try to post when I can. And I want you to kick my arse if I am not trying hard enough ;)

As they say in bluegrass, keep pickin'

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Well so far today...not doing 100%

However my target for this week as I said is regular meals and no fatty/sweet snacks.

I am quite sure I can manage avoiding those for a week. Had a cooked breakfast today (shouldn't have had I know but that is not part of my list of targets for this week), didn't really have lunch but had a coffee and an apple juice. Not sure what I will have for dinner. Maybe a sandwich of some kind.

Had an email back from the university sports centre, and they can set something up for if i have a consultation session as regards to personal training ;)
have more that a sandwitch for dinner !!!

remember you need to eat, so you can loose!

if you starve youself you wont get any energy, your body needs energy!!

Today I had cereal for breakfast, a sandwitch for lunch and fish for dinner and thats it, it seems like alot but seriously you need it if you want to progress.

Sorry for ranting, but im just trying to get the point accross :) dont eat to much, but dont starve yourself.
I ended up having more than a sandwich. it wasn't healthy, but as a student I need to use what I have in.

AND...no chocolate or other sweet/fatty snacks today :) :)
good...well just remember ..eat to loose!

and your good you havent had any snacks today!, I've had breakfast, lunch and I shall be cooking myself some dinner a little later!!! I just have to try not to snack after that..haha
Not exactly related...

but the weight I listed in my profile was something of an estimate based on the weight I was before starting back in uni, plus approximately the amount I had put on before in a similar time in uni.

The good news is...I am actually 18 lbs less than I thought I was.
So I am actually 312 rather than 330.
The bad news...

this week I have failed to hit my targets. I need to set realistic goals that fit into a student lifestyle.

So I need to get some better ideas for how to manage my eating habits.
Hi Liam

You remind me of myself, setting goals and then struggling.
Spoke with my gp on friday who was great. She encouraged me to set very small but achievable goals.
On reading your first entry i thought about this and that perhaps you should only make one change a week or even over two weeks.
This next week I am trying to work on not eating a snack whilst cooking dinner or not buying the treat and pudding as well as the snack. trying to do it all is just to much too quickly.
its just a thought but perhaps it will be helpful for you too.
Take care
That is a good idea. I thought my ideas were minimal, but now they seem too much.

Oh and I see you are from North Yorkshire. I love that area :) where about in North Yorkshire are you?
Am glad you found my post helpful. The advice has helped me so far so I am always happy to pass on what works.
As for where I live, its not the prettiest of places but its close to whitby, saltburn and the north york moors which is great. Where are you from and hows things going for you today?
Hi, I live on the Welsh coast, small village called Llanystumdwy (google maps might help?? lol), near Snowdonia.

Only been to Whitby once, but love the moors been there a few times. I'd love to go again sometime. Not been for long time actually.



SlinkySlimmer !!!
My parents live in west yorkshire and i always like going to the north yorkshire moors when we get the chance to,

As for you liam, and as a fellow student, we were talking about this on facebook the other day, i know that it can be hard to follow a healthy lifestyle while at uni, when it seems like fatty fast food is cheaper than healthy options, so i think what would be best is following a healthier lifestyle. What i mean is that we are bound to have slip ups on nights out etc as is everyone, but a simple thing like replacing a snack ie packet of crisps or a chocolate bar, with a piece of fruit or some chopped up vegetables. This will work out cheaper in the end because if you go some like asda and buy the smart price stuff, its easy enough to pick up on a morning and shove it in a lunch box, and will hopefully, stop us from going to the shop while at uni, or if we do go it will make us think about what we are buying from the shop, rather than buying our usual snacky treats. Its just an idea but i thought it would be a fairly good one and one easy to pick up and get into :)

good luck lizzie xxx
Well I haven't updated this because there is nothing to report really.

I am really struggling with uni life at the moment, and am at a point where I can't be bothered working, shopping, going out, cooking...anything. Just generally feeling utterly fed up. I have started binging again quite badly and have had hardly any decent food. It's got to the point where the food I am having is so bad I am feeling sick at times. Right now though I just don't care again, and I seem to be slipping back into really bad habits, perhaps worse even than they have been before.
Well here's my latest.
I won't go into detail, but I have had a difficult few weeks lately with depression so there isn't much to say in terms of weight loss. I am going back to university tomorrow, so maybe I will get to the gym. Got to keep positive.

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