Its Begun!!


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Well the time is upon us and this my first day with lighterlife! I had a vanilla shake for breakfast and it was so nice (ok not to sound so surprised!:p) and im now drinking my water and peeing an awful lot lmao!! :8855:
I am feeling a little hungry but hopefully it will pass..
Well hopefully this is the beginning of a new me :bliss:
Hope everyones ok and to everyone whos beginning like me :welcome2:
Rachiie -ox-
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Well done on starting the journey TD.

'hunger' is temporary and will definately pass after the first few days. Partly habit saying you're hungry and partly carb withdrawl.

Well done on day 1


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Good luck Thin you will learn that the rumble and pangs are mostly fake hunger and you can just drink water to get rid of it.


Well done on getting your Day 1 off to what sounds like a great start!

As others said, the hunger pangs will subside in a couple of days, but your head might take a bit longer to stop 'wanting' food.... you'll learn to ignore it soon enough though!

Water is the best 'cure' for hunger pangs, as H said; quite often when we feel hunger we are actually thirsty, it's just it produces the same reaction and we think hunger instead of thirst!

All the best for Day 2 :)