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Its Friday! Hour by hour!!


Sarah M

Getting the hang of this

I managed 6 litres yesterday, but i was home allday and didnt have to worry about trying to find a loo!
Well my night in london was excellent, i loved the concert and we also got to see the same guy (jack penate) in a small gig in the vigin megastore on oxford street before had and met him after! i felt all star struck! I was really happy though cos i took my tetras with me and stuck to drinking water while i was there, what a good girl i was!

Im off to work now, hope everyone has great days x
Hi Nicky - sound like you are still going strong, well done.

Sarah - very well done on staying strong during your evening out - those are definitely the testing times so you should be very proud of yourself.

Weigh in for me this morning at 9am. Not expecting great things (been on the scales this morning!)- infact the scales haven't moved since Monday despite all my efforts but will try not to get disheartened! Will let you know the "official" wi result later on.

Ds at nursery today and a pretty nice day planned for me. Its my birthday on Sunday but today i'm having a few treats (any excuse:D) - 11am contour bodywrap (2nd of my 3 course treatment) and 1.30 hair (just a blow dry and straighten). Will probably go out tomorrow night so i should be ready to roll for that!

Well, everybody have a good day and catch up with you later



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good luck with your weigh in this week JJJ

Hope you feel better soon Westie...

I have managed to get 5 litres down the last 2 days and am staying really positive, My WI is tomorrow so fingers crossed for a decent one (hope the antibiotics havn't messed it up). Have stayed off the scales myself this week.

Popping into town this morning need to buy a new coffee maker, handles fell off the old one.

Hi Nikki glad you're ok, I too bought a new winter coat last weekend, in a smaller size which made me feel great.

Have a great day everyone, catch you later

Take Care

morning all,
Jodie good luck with weigh-in,
Sarah good to see you had a great evening out and well done for staying strong,
Westie hope you feel better soon,

I didnt do well with water yesterday only managed 2 & 1/2 ltrs, got behind as i had dentist to have a tooth taken out and another needed prep work for a capdentist said not to eat or drink for 3 hrs, so had a sore mouth all day due to all the pulling around.
Must do better today, have got weigh-in today at 1.45
Back from weigh in - 2lbs lost - fairly pleased with that. I know its going to be slow, slow, slow so 2lbs is ok.

Only 7lbs to go so going to try and really go for it over the next 4 weeks.

Poor u Saff - hope your mouth is recovering! Good luck for your weigh in today hun xx

Well, off to the town now for my wrap - hopefully get rid of a few more inches! just glugging some water as i know i will get behind once i am out.

Chat later

Hi girls, I've only ever posted once or twice but am gonna post now every day to keep me motivated. I fell off the wagon :cry:but intend to get right back up :eek:. So far I've lost 2st and am determined to lose another 3 to 4 by the New Year. So this is my hour by hour. This morning I had 1 choc tetra, black coffee & just hitting the water.

I love this site :)
S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
morning all.

Well done with the 2lb Jo. Thats a fab loss considering you are so close to your target now. I cant remember how much you lost on your first contour wrap, can you remind me? Did it improve cellulite, stretch marks etc... how long ago was it? Let us know the results of the second one. THis is something I really want to have done, but it needs to be pretty impressive if my hubby is going to let me spend all that money!

Hows the toothache Mags? Better I hope.

Welcome S77. This daily thread is great to keep you motivated. Well done on your loss so far.

Today wasnt perfect for me but much better than the previous 3 days. Im hoping for a 100% day today.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Welcome S77. well done for losing your 2st and you can get to your goal by new year. Keep focused and don't jump on and off the scales. Just weigh at your CDC.

Good luck
Hi Saffron, Cork is a fab City. We're very cosmopolitan don't you know :D (we have this whole thing going on about being the "Peoples Republic of Cork" Peoples Republic of Cork :: Cork Online ) Its way cheaper for you to come over to from UK with the Euro, ye get a much better deal.

Surprisingly LT seems to be the bigger of the weight loss diets here at the moment. But I think CD is much better. My friend did LT and she was miserable. I'm really able to manage the CD and water is not a problem coz I was drinking at least 2ltrs a day anyway. I know drink between 3-5ltrs a day depending on my mood.
I think the scales jumping was really getting to me. I only now wait until I have my weigh in which is every Saturday. I'm aiming to lose 4lbs every week. I've a holiday to Lanzarote for a week towards the end of Oct and am hoping to be down 12lbs by then. I know I'll break out on holidays but even if I can maintain my weight that week I'll be happy. Then back to the grindstone once I come back after the week and stick at it til Xmas. Well that's my great plan anyway :D
Afternoon all :) Glad to hear toothaches are sorted, well done on the 2lb weight loss...that's fantastic...only7to go now!!!!

Hiya S77 lovely to meet you and well done on the 2stone loss so far.

Well it's wi for me tonight was hoping to have lost the 5lbs i put on last week but according to my scales it's only gonna be 3 :( but i think its due to me exercising whilst having a cold and i think my body decided to keep the water lol....have been drinking 6litres a day too coz of cold but a loss is a loss and it wont put me off another great week....start my induction for my new job on monday so that should keep me occupied during the day and then it'll be at the gym in the evenings....aiming to go 3 times a week but stupid cold has scuppered it this week to only twice but i did burn off 1000kcals in the 2 visits :-D

Does anyone have anything nice planned for this weekend? WE got paid today so im off later to buy some new trainers as mine give me HUGE blisters and a new bag for work :-D oh and VERY disappointed....i was so cold yesterday i had to dig out my jumpers its TOO early in the year for a JUMPER!!!!!!!!

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