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It's Friday! ****hour by hour!!!****


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Morning all, hope no-one minds me starting this thread today?? :)

Been awake since 2.30 with toothache, so got up for some painkillers and ended up on here (oops).

Hope everyone has a fab day, I am going to have a bath and go to work early, also try to get an appointment with the dentist

I lost 5lbs last night, making 25lbs in 7 weeks so very happy, and have now dropped into the 'overweight' category which I am chuffed about.

Good luck for everyone with weigh ins today ...
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Hiya Bobbin,
sorry to hear about your rough night - hope the dentist goes ok for you. Toothache is the pits!
At least you have dropped lbs which is great news!
I'm having so much trouble sleeping lately - my brain's working overtime. Wish I knew the answer!
Hope you and everyone who follows has a good day.
Take care all


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Hi Tansy, hope you have a good day too! My brain works overtime too so don't always sleep well, but I try to make sure I don't work too late and make time to chill out (usually in front of the TV). Or write a list of things I need to do which helps them going round in my head all night. Heres to a good nights sleep tonight!!
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Good luck to everyone who has WI today.

I am hoping for another SS day. I have woken up in a foul mood though so I don't know what my day is going to be like. Just far too much stress going on in my life at the moment


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Have a good day SJ, come on you can do an SS day.
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Good Morning all,
I hope you fill better Sharon and have a good day,Bobbin hope you get your tooth sorted today.
Im in a good motivated mood today 2nd day ss after holiday break!


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Morning Gemma! I work in a hospital and so gonna see if someone can have a quick look at my tooth for me. Fingers crossed!!
Bobbin! You are a Minis Addict!! :eek: :D

Morning all!

someone KICK me... I had a blip last night, luckily I am still in K so not toooooo bad I guess.

I am out for much of the morning this morning so not gonna cheat. Its when I am home later after kids have gone to bed that my worst time kicks in.
If you have me on MSN and I am online (even if I say busy) after 7pm then keep reminding me not to go near the kitchen lol
If you don;t have me then add me... [email protected]

See you all later on X
Morning Bobbin,Tansy Sharon & everyone else,

I havent been on the daily for a while !, naughty me !, lol, sorry girls i have been lurking to much.

Bobbin, hope your mouth gets better soon and you have a better night tonight, well done with the 5 lb loss hun xx

Tansy hows you? hope your well, have a good day xx

Sharon,yes you can have another food ss day today,hope you feell better stress wise soon xx

Well i had my weigh-in yesterday, & opps it wasnt a good one 1 &1/2 lbs ON, But i was expecting a bad one this week as i have had TOTM from hell this week plus we have had my mums 60th birthday celabrations too,
I am out on a hen night tomorrow so on sunday i will be back on the straight n narrow 100%, but will be carefull today and wont go mad tomorrow either, But from sunday i REALLY need to give it 100% to shift this last half a stone, gutting tho that at my wedding last december i was only ONE pound away from goal !!

Good luck to all with weigh ins today



Doing it for keeps now!!
S: 14st7lb C: 14st7lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)

My official at home weigh-in is today and

.....DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!....

I have lost 4lbs since Monday....wooooooohoooooooooo!!!!!

So basically over the last 3 weeks I have lost an average of 2lbs/week which is fabulous considering I am hae a 790 meal each night too!!!!
I'm wondering if I should "adjust" my weekly weight loss signature to show a steady 2lb loss over 3 weeks or keep the +2lb blip as a reminder that I can so very easily put it back on if I stray from my 790 path!!!
Hiya Sharon - just wanted to send you big hugs. I hope your day goes ok and the stress reduces for you soon.
Take care


Doing it for keeps now!!
S: 14st7lb C: 14st7lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I think you are right...it's a true reflection of my journey!:)
P.S. Everyone can call me Nat, Natalie, Nutty....lol
Hey everyone,

bobbin hope you get to see the dentist nothing worse than a toothache soo annoying.
Tansy hope you have a good day, i find that im actually sleeping better since starting cd and that i have a lot more energy too.
SJ, you can do ss 100% no problem :)
Gemma good to see you getting back on track after your hoilday :)
spooky spooky spooky v naughty at least your not out of ketosis. If i see you online il leave you lot of messages to keep away from food!!
Hi saffron,totm here aswell and my scales are also goin up :( soo annoying!! I plan on been so good this week have found it hard to get my 4litres water into me aswell.
hey nat 4lbs since monday is fab well done :)


Talks too much
morning folks!!
i had a brillant nights sleep, prob cos i didnt get a lot of sleep the nite before! (stupid uni work grrr!)
anyway, for those people who have forgotten or dont read all the other threads....today is the day leah aka blue grapefruit is coming over to northern ireland to stay with me!!! am so excited!!
im lifting her at the airport at 6pm, then we are going to a dinner dance at 8pm, so we will be takin loads of photos and i hope we can get some of them online before the weekend is over!
hope everyone else is having a good weekend!!
Morning all :D

great news Nat, 4lb is smashing :party0011:
hope you find a dentist Bobbin, toothache is horrible :(
wishing you a successful day Sharon:vibes:

good luck to everybody else for a good CD day. We're off to the pictures this afternoon to see National Treasure - I'm taking a bar to nibble while the kids eat all manner of disgusting, tasty stuff :eek::rotflmao: <----slight hysteria there!
S: 14st11lb C: 13st6lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 1st5lb(9.18%)
morning everyone... day 4 here.. sounds like you all are hanging in..

I wish we had a meet up group in London.

saffron I love your wedding pics! x

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