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It's Friday ** lets do it hr by hr***


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Weigh in day today, 2lb loss I think which is brill considering I had a binge on monday!
I'll have a shake at about 12. Can't really stomach one before then.

My ds1 is sat here eating hid breakfast & it looks amazing. I won't tell you what it is though. lol
Cuppa Tea and porridge so far, just about to make my 2 litres of flavoured water up to get through today. Taking the day off today as were really quite at work today and DD3 woke up at 3am for an hour so I'm really tired today. DD2's 10th Birthday today and the kids are having Subway for a treat tonight.... I'm going to be drooling.
I've had a lush fruits of the forest shake and 1 litre of water so far today. I do get up at 6am to start work at 6.30am, I'm a childminder!

I've also had a couple of slithers of a toffee bar from the freezer, yum yum yum.

Mindee watching Balamory now, we're waiting for my CDC to come as I'm going to start minding her daughter!
I love Subway :(!

Morning all! 3/4 pint of water down me and just sipping a green tea. Will have a choc shake in a little while.

Today is day 27 for me, it's going quick! xx
two cups of tea, one muffin made from a chocolate pack and half a litre of water so far. must must must get through today and show that i can SS+ and leave those biscuits alone (even though they are singing VERY loudly to me)
two cups of tea, one muffin made from a chocolate pack and half a litre of water so far. must must must get through today and show that i can SS+ and leave those biscuits alone (even though they are singing VERY loudly to me)
Its my daughter birthday tonight and I thought I might make Muffins for me and hubby, whilst the kids are having birthday cake.....are they nice and how easy are they to make???
3 cups of redbush and porridge so far lol

water is getting hard!! I tend to drink more in the evening! Def getting water flavouring next week!!

Feeling really good today
morning everyone, missed this thread yesterday.......Banana tetra down for brekkie and I am on my second pint of water. I can drink water as long as it is room temp.
My lunch today is a BLT on fresh granary bread with loads of salad and tomato's..............in my head it is, in reality it is a chocolate tetra!!!!!:D
I had porridge and tea for brekkie
Tea and cranberry bar for lunch
I need more tea and water!
Will be doing my exercise DVD tonight
you are in the zone Gunna-make-it. I haven't stepped up to the plate yet regarding exercise, just want to concentrate on not cheating. I have it in my head to start Monday after my 3rd weigh in.


Team 1 all the way!
I've had porridge, a cup of coffee, 3 litres of flavoured water, and a malt toffee bar. Trying to up my water to 4litres this week, to see if it makes a difference.
Off work today with really sore throat, cough and cold. The water is def helping though.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Well, I'm on full day 1 as started last night, so have had porridge and 3 glasses of water first thing.. then a sports bottle of water (which I measured as 1 and a half though it's just over),
Lunch was a tomato soup (spicy) and more water.. a cuppa tea and more water just before the girls came home. :)

tonight.. I think I'll have a choc shake :) And yes.. more water! Allowing myself a small coke zero tonight as a treat. :)
Hey everyone,
Thank god its friday! Diet all good but been coughing my lungs out today, had a sore throat about 3 weeks ago and it turned into a cough which i cant seem to shake. My only consolation is i prob will end up with an ace 6 pack from all the coughing as my tummy is killing me lol!
According to my friend(?), guess whats to blame for me having a cough?? Anyone??
if youve got a Wii try try the new game called 'my fitness coach'. its great. Basically it takes some details from you (weight, measurements etc) then will tailor workouts for you. if you want to focus upon weightloss then it will do a mainly cardio workout, or you can focus on upper, core or lower body...it will give you a total body workout though. at certain points through your workout it will ask you how you are finding it (hard, easy etc) then next time it will alter it a little. No two workouts are the same, you can choose how long you want to exercise for and ...its just great! A proper workout, different everytime in the privacy of your front room (unless your husband sits there drooling as you exercise...mine does! its very off putting!!)
sorry! my above post looks really random! im referring to earlier posts about exercise! lol

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