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**ITS MOANDAY** Lets do it hour by hour


MUST get a grip
Hey you lot
Wheres the daily?????????????????
I'm already glugging my water as I've woken up really thirsty! Not sure what today brings - bloody HATE Mondays!
I managed to sleep properly last night after Saturday evenings cuffuffle... Kids seem ok this morning as well!
I'm off to catch up on yesterdays threads - xxxxx
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Morning Folks

Moanday?? It is a good title for a Monday, who likes Mondayss after all. lol

Well I slipped up big time yesterday, started so well and then chocolate got the better of me...

So here I am again Monday morning on a restart and glugging like mad to flush it through. There was a lot to flush.

Have a good day all

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:whoopass:Keep away from the chocolate Maggie

Hope you all have a fabulous day...on a bit of a high from everyones lovely comments yesterday-Thank you everyone for being so suppotive through my first 100 days!!

Clare hope you have a better day and keep smiling!
Becky-hope you are feeling better today!

Back at work-lovely to get loads of cuddles,but how many clothes can one family go through-I'll be washing and ironing all week-banning clothes this week it will be naked week round here!!!


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Hi all , good luck Spooky with SS + yes Monday , snow here again sunday we had loads also its still snowing. anyone else got snow


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Good morning peeps!

Well after my planned break from CD on Saturday I hopped back to it yesterday easier than I thought it would be but me thinks I'll pay for it today instead - tummy already rumbling! Oh well onwards and and downwards......

Some snow fell in the night and is still falling - ergh! bring on spring pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

Good luck today Spooky and HM!!

Good luck also to any WI's and newbies!

Catch up with you all later! Vxx


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Morning all..

I was naughty yesterday - OH, small person and I went round my Dad's where Sunday dinner was being cooked .. and then eaten.. I resisted all food stuffs, but had a glass of wine! OOOOOOOOops.

We have a mysterious odour coming from our downstairs toilet which is quite strange.. 3 bottles of bleach has not fixed it, OH has checked sink traps and it's not that..



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moaning all
had a lovely time last night out with all family there was 10 of us all and we had great time .I was very good girl (only had the starter ) even though I got the dont know why you bother coming look and side coments from some .My main family hubby son daughter and sue all support me so finger to the rest .
Morning All! I have the memory of a gnat so to trot through everyone individually will take me ages!! so well done to everyone and big hugs to all too! I'm doing ok - scales seemed to have freed up a bit but I don't want to make a big deal incase they hear me and freeze up again!! Watching out the window for granny's plane leaving to Tel Aviv then a day of baking with DD and her friend who is coming over later!! Great eh?!! I struggled Easter but perhaps this will be easier!! Have a lovely day bb xx
Back again - only a quickie got weighed, well on my scales as CDC's on her hols this week..... 4lbs gone so I'm happy with that.

Keep glugging you lot xxx
brilliant T4M, congratulations :D


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Morning folks

Did the weekend thing with K as usual, so haven't been around much, actually haven't been around much for the past couple of weeks, with school holidays. Planning on having a break from the pc for a week or two, feeling a bit down at the moment, not really up to chatting and catching up with mini's. So won't be around for a while longer, may lurk, but probably won't post, nor will I be on msn.

Hope everyone's doing well, good luck to newbies and those with weighins today.


Strong women stay slim
S: 17st3lb C: 17st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Time4me , your goal is getting closer , bet your feeling happy :) well done !

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