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Its MONDAY - lets do it hour by hour xx

Good Morning,

Not such a good day for me yesterday, I was hungry and picked at ham and didnt do the 4 litres of water I promised myself. Now Im retaining water after 2 days of only doing around 2 litres and my rings are really tight.

My baby girl starts nursery today, they grow so quickly dont they. it will be strange having the house to myself for a couple of hours. Mind you it will at least give me a chance to catch up on some housework.

Have a good one today everyone.
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I'll ignore my thread, so this was my original post:

Morning guys,

Just a quickie for me. Gotta get ready for work.

Hope everyone is ok. Weigh in this morning showed a 4lb loss, so I'm chuffed as I haven't been 100%. Hannah, I'm now 13.7.8 so we are just about the same. 8lbs in 3 weeks? I think we can!!!

Good luck for everyone else with weigh ins today.

Catch you later xxx
Im OK Sarah, she is really looking forward to it so that helps. It would be awful if she didnt want to go. It helps that the nursery is attached to her big sisters primary school so she just thinks she is a "big girl now like Charlotte"
That's so cute!

Have fun with the housework :eek:!

Catch you later xxx

Oh Sam, my little one too!! She wants me to leave her so she says!!!

Hoping for a better day today, did only 3 litres yesterday and some coffee... off to.. guess where? yep the gym! :D

see you all later! X


finding my way again !
morning :sigh:
rudely awoken by noisy DD1 banging & crashing around & i'm so tired & we know what that does to me :(.
think i'll take em to school & then come back n crash for a bit.
scales have me 2lb up today so i'm not optomistic for tommorrows weigh !
hope all have a good day
xx :)


longing to be slim !!
good morning all well sam i think it is sorry if im wrong ... i know how you feel my baby starte playgroup last week shes my last little one so was quite sad but to be honest was nice to be able to catch up on things when there not about , i was a loon really got one 16 one 14 and then waited 11 years to have another lol but she was worth it ...but ive mad sure i wont be doing it again in another 11 years lolol looking forward to my first weigh in tmoz ss on cd been very hard but stuck with it and can see results alreay so im really plzed i hope you all have a good day debs xxxx
Good Morning folks,

hope you're all doing well.

I had a low weight loss this week, only 2lb but I'm not going to dwell on this. It's TOTM for me, has been all week so I'll put it down to that along with lack of water intake and oops I've NOT been taking my P.husks. (Debs...I just replied to your thread re. s of figs). Hope you're ok.

Everyone have a fabby day, I'm off out shoe shopping for my little girl, four days on the run, or is it 5?? Honestly, where will I get some really nice shoes for my dd without them looking like SCHOOL SHOES!!!! She's not 3 yet and I don't want her in school shoes til she's in school :eek:

Anyway, we're off to Mothercare soon.

ttfn xx sj xx


finding my way again !
god i'm sooooooooo hungry this morning, real rumbles stuff :(, just having a coffee & then i'll have a shake & hope that shuts the ole tum up.
good luck with the shoe shopping SJ, nightmare eh ? though bet your little one thinks its great fun - not, mine hate getting measured up & fitted :sigh:
xx :)
Morning all,

I had my 2nd weigh in yesterday and lost another 7lbs! I was delighted cos I had boldly been scales hopping all week. Scales is hidden from me now!

Didnt do too well with the water either yesterday only managed 2 litres :eek: Must do better today :rolleyes:

Sarah well done on your great weight loss!
Fed up today, on my 3rd week and I know I am losing weight, but it is coming off strange places like my face, arms and legs, nothing is really coming off my tummy, does anyone else have the same problem, my trousers look like clown trousers in the legs but are still quite snug around the waist !. Am I strange ??? LOL
well done on the 7lb Laney. Thats FAB.

Cmacca, I know what you mean about losing in strange places, but to be honest, if your on week 3, Id just be grateful to be losing from anywhere lol. Im on week 13 now, and trust me, the weight loss does start to distribute itself properly but takes a little time. Its good when it comes off your face as people notice that first. Just enjoy it.
dropped my little one of at Nursery, and she went in no probs. Couldnt wait for me to go!

I have been emailed a voucher for 20% off at Dorothy perkins this week (ends Sat) to take advantage you just have to print off the voucher and write your name and address on and present it in store. If anyone wants me to forward it to them send me a PM with your email address.
Morning All....

Feeling bit numb about the diet today but I think my heads very focused on Mother Funkers today - loads to do, deposits to pay etc. etc.

Am starting a new thread today to help me and some fellow CDers to SS for 7 days - have got to get my head back in that special place. Thanks to those joining me.. you're support will be priceless.


SJ - you're doing great - well done on reaching that 3 stone target, you're going to look fab come November..!

Laney - Congratulations on your WI result - 7lb is fantastic - you've nearly done your first stone which is incredible.

Sam - really hope your little girl has a lovely day at nursery - she'll be full of it all when she comes out. I love it when they start telling you what they've done, their descriptions are fantastic.

Hope you all have a good day. I've had my breakfast tetra and am glugging the summer berry water...

H x
Thanks to everyone for their support. I dont think I would have lasted without you guys x

Wannaloose8stone....how do I pm you??

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