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It's Monday*******lets Do It Hour By Hour****


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Morning guys.........I know it's Monday but Hey! we have woken up to see it, so that must be good eh!

Sun is shining, I have a morning full of clients (5) so will be busy busy busy...

On 1st litre and already had my hot summer berry to wake me, I'm showered, washed hair and ready to tackle another day...

Good luck all with the weighin day....fingers crossed for you.

Catch you later

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Morning all

It sounds like you have a busy day ahead Hedgemag!

I hope everyone has a good Monday. I'm back in Ketosis after a blip on Saturday, so all is well in Mochaland :)


I will get to goal .....
Morning Guys,

Had a pants weekend foodwise - had a yuck tummy bug and couldn't manage any shakes. I was quite sensible and stuck to plainish foods but still feel a bit cr*p today :( Going to try shakes & 790 meal tonight but daren't get on the scales in case I have gained. Going to wait until WI this week to assess damage. Fingers crossed it's not too bad.

Hope everyone else was good over the weekend. Let's have a great Monday with plenty of water!



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hope you feel better soon Dobbie, there seems to be alot of bugs going around at the moment.

Morning Tara, well, my busy morning is getting less and less, 1 not shown up, 1 running late, and another just phoned and has the bug.....

More me time ..........................


I will get to goal .....
Thanks hun .... I'm just about managing!! Fingers crossed I can make the packs all day. I'm really scared about putting any weight on :(


I will get to goal .....
Poor Maggie ... that's no good hun?! Hope your Monday improves some! Nothing worse than changes to plans eh?!


I will get to goal .....
Thanks hun .... congrats on ketosis too! I daren't even check mine .... i suspect not somehow!


Got to stop eating!
Morning all... how are you all doing?

I had a bad weekend food wise.... but I knew it would be and I accepted that! I kind of gave myself the weekend off!!! (But I have managed not to put on too much weight!!!)

I am feeling a bit crappy today... bad mood and clients makin it worse.... have been on a complaint call for the last half hour and he is still going on about it!!!

So how is everyone else?

Anyone got any lovely gossip to keep me entertained!!!



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
What an up and down day client wise :eek: 2 cancelled 1 didn't turn up:mad:

Just had a phone call from a another lady so I'm seeing her tomorrow :).

Had 2 litres so far got my coke zero on my desk ready and waiting...will have my 1st shake about 1 ish as usual...........OMG i'm getting so predictable :rolleyes:

Hope you all having a great day..has gone a bit cloudy here now.



I will get to goal .....
PMSL!! There's nothing wrong with a routine HM ;) Whatever helps you through the day is all that matters!!

I have all my shakes in halves as follows: 10am,12pm,2pm,4pm then my 790 meal + shake around 7ish!
Afternoon all.

I agree with Monday hour by hour. It's a great way to look at it.

Only Day 2 for me. I guess every hour not eating counts though!

Wishing you all a good Monday. X


I will get to goal .....
Kila I love that - every hour without eating does count! Somedays it's the only way I make it through the day and I'm on 790!! Ho hum. Anything that helps is ;)


I will get to goal .....
*moans* .... my head hurts and I feel really sick. Only 4 more hours until I can go home :(

Thanks for listening!

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