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***motivational monday hour by hour***


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Good Morning !

Well it's a better day in the North East today, the Sun is shining and I hope to get all my bed linen washed and dried today.

Have 4 days off with the girls, who are busy playing Mario Kart at the moment, best get cleaned up and dressed etc, having a lazy morning !

Think we may go to the park, or perhaps swimming this afternoon !

Hope everyone is fine and wishing you a great Monday !

I am feeling nervous as I return to work Friday after 4 weeks off with my back problem, I have physio this afternoon (my last).

Love and Hugs Vxxx
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morning charley...yep it is nice in the north east this morn aint it. my 7 year old still bored though :-( I'm also gonna clean (still in pjs find it better) then hopefully if my partners back home early (he's working in your part of the woods this today) we'll go to the park. just noticed your due to go to euro disney. I got a price for 4 nights going from london (stopping in a hotel the night before) for £1500, is that pricey??


Going for Goal!
Good Morning everyone!

Well today is the start of my new 100% ss. It was at this point I stopped CD a few years ago (still got 5 stone 3lbs to loose exactly!)

I've had a horrible end to the week and quite a sad/quiet weekend. But on Sunday I'd had enough, packed a picnic for HB and a tetra/water for me and we headed off to wales for a long walk and good ole welsh fresh air. I felt tonnes better afterwards, and now I'm determined to get back to 'no nibbling'.

I'm at my weigh in tonight. I'm not sure what the scales will say. I've had a few 'small treats'.
- roughly 3 tablespoons of cottage pie (friday)
- chicken with lettuce - I purposely prepared this, so not really a cheat (Saturday)
- 3 cookies :( (Sunday Morning)

The cookies were what did it for me, I knew I had to get out of the flat! So we went to wales and did about a 5 mile walk.

Now over these 3 days that I ate, I didn't have my shakes either. I really couldn't. Been feeling low and just ARGH!

But today I plan on getting back on that wagon.

I MUST do this
I HAVE to do this
I WANT to do this

I hope everyone has a brilliant day today.

HUgs x x x


Mistress of the Dark
Morning everyone!

Well after feeling extremely p*ssed off yesterday, I feel really positive and ready to tackle the huge target I have set myself.

2st off in 6 weeks here I come! x


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Hi Helsbels,

We got 4 nights, flights from Newcastle at the Cheyenne with breakfast and park tickets for £792.00 for 2 adults 2 children so it does seem on the high side but depends what else is included.

We have paid an additional £392 for Dinner with Mickey, Dinner with Princessess, Billy Bobs Show and An Additional dinner in any resturant on the platinum package.

At the moment there is 40% off selected hotels (Cheyenne I think is the 2nd one up, would have loved the very plush disney hotel but very pricey). So it depends where you want to stay, we are in a disney hotel but not one of the most posh !!! But for the time we will spend there I am not overly bothered as it is or first visit.

I saw an ad in the window and said it was too much so they found me the best deal x


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Emma, good luck on your SS journey, and yes you had a teeny blip, but your mind is focused and it's going to be a great week isn't it !
I had my cottage cheese remember so we are both in the same boat !!!!
Sounds like your walk and picnic was lovely ! We did that a few weeks ago and I took water and a bar and was fine, everyone else had ice creams but I wasn't overly bothered !
just quickly checked in whilst hoovering the back bedroom.... can't help it. thanks charley for replying. this was a friend of a friend who works for thompsons, theres a hays in the town so will pop in for a quote. right more water and more hoovering .. byeeee


Slimming down the aisle
Morning everyone!! Feeling pretty positive about the diet today. Weighed in at 3lbs lighter than Weds, so I'm pleased with that. Need to just keep on with it! But I'm feeling quite stuck and claustrophobic. Really noticing that I don't have my car and so am kind of stuck here. I want to go swimming and to the gym, but that's a 15 mile drive away! I could walk there as there's a footbridge across the river, but that's still a 4 mile walk, then all that exercise and a 4 mile walk back. I think the walk would be exercise enough! Not sure how I'm going to cope without my car really. Will make doing the diet quite difficult too in terms of popping to the supermarket (which is 7 miles away) and to my CDC. But somehow, I'll do it. I have to!

Hope you all have great days whatever you're doing!

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