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It's Monday**** Lets Do It Hour By Hour****


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Hi Maggie

Im struggling BIG TIME! I can't seem to mentally get back on track and I've been picking. As a result of this I have (SOMEHOW) stayed the same for the last 2 weeks and Im so disappointed in myself!

Morning peeps!

Jumping on the wagon (again!:eek:) today, hanging on though! If HM can do it so can I!!

No more visitors due now, IL's came yesterday for a couple of hours and I went out, (we don't get on)

MIL brought me a bunch of flowers.... :rolleyes:

Oh and I got my birthday present, My birthday was in JANUARY :eek:

It is a Picnic Rucksack! WTF???? :eek:

Anyway, will check in later on. I am home alone with the children today as Hubby is working. Gonna have a look on t'internet and price up a Wii..... Gotta be better than a Picnic Set!


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Hi everyone, I'm working today, not sure if thats a good thing or not!!! Mind you at least it will keep me away from the fridge! Hope you all have a fab day whatever you're doing xx


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Well I'm back on the waggon again. Not SS, BUT CD 1000cals. Gained 4lb but now have added incentives to get my head down and go forwards. Lots to think about and aim for, so thats that! Going to the allotment to do some planting, then home for the usual ironing and cleaning! Back to work tomorrow!
hi everyone not working today woohoo so going shopping well window shopping as hubby said i cant spend any more money lol and think ill try to do some house work well maybe lol x x


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come on everyone we can do this ,summer is nearly here all those lush men in shorts and little else .I know that getting back on track is the hardest thing about this diet but together it get a bit easier got 2 shoulders for peeps to lean on if i can be of any help .You lot have always had a kind word of encouragement for me .Good luck take it slowly rooting for you all the way xxxxxx

well done on any WI s xxx


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Morning all! Lovely and sunny here so I have stuck the washing on the line :) Kids are outside playing. I'm going to really try upping my water today as it's so nice, hoping it'll be easier to keep drinking if I am hot....

Mum and Dad are popping over this afternoon. Hubby said to me this morning "wow, you look really thin!" bless him lol, so hoping they notice too.

Hope you all have a good day! xx
Good morning everyone, things going really well for me today, tomorrow is official weigh in day :) I'll have 5 weeks finished on the diet, tomorrow and going strong.

Going out later to wonder around the shops hoping to find marigold bouillon in a health food shop
Hello all!
The sun is shining in Glasgow but who knows for how long!
DS has just gone for a nap and I may join him. Thi afternoon gonna gut my house, stick on the music and jump about on my wii fit!
hope u all have a lovely day! I've become a bit scale obsessed the past few days and coz they havent moved im becoming disheartened but i wont let it beat me!!!!!!!!
have a wonderful bank holiday all!!


has started again!!
Hi eveyone!! DH taken kids outday, so I have peace for a while. Been tidying DD's room, as she has a friend over tomo for tea (they are 9!). No idea why, coz within 10 minutes it will be how it was before I did it!!

Washing in machine, then I confess it will be in drier as its pouring here today, as has been nearly all day! About to dust and vacuum, then I will put a movie on and try to clear a mega pie of ironing. :(

Gotta get school stuff together for tomo, cook their dinner, then welcome my CDC at about 7.30, with a big smile & open cheque book LOL!!

Keep going all!!


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Hello all :)

It's glorious here too in East Yorks...I have been at work this morning and will be going back tonight for some overtime. I am knackered but being at work keeps my mind off grub and gives me free exercise.

Hope you have all had a lovely day so far...still guzzling your water I hope? I am on litre 4...and that will do when I have finished that...don't want to be peeing all night at work lol.

Good luck for tomorrow's weigh in Hedge x x


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Yay, my parents noticed and are very proud apparently!

I've added some pics to my new photo thingy on my profile..


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I've added some pics to my new photo thingy on my profile..
WOW Sarah, you can really see the difference between the 2 sets of photos. Congratulations.
Wow sarah the transformation is fantastic, well done :)
Well done Jools :)

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