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Its Monday - We CAN do it, hour by hour!


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Morning everyone!

How was your weekend? I'm still up cos my PC died yesterday and took with it and essay that I have been working on for a month. I've cried and sworn and now I just have to get on with redoing it for tomorrow! Arrrrgggggghhhhhh - don't ever get anything Dell!

Anyway rant over, I hope you were all good at the weekend? Good luck to all Monday starters and restarters, come along and let us know how you are doing!

Have a great day!
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:( Back to school for me today :( Really not up for this.....and the weather's pigging awful!?!

Not getting to grips with 1200 at all....spending all our time visiting sick relatives and therefore have no food in the house. MUST try to get my head round it early this week.....don't want to undo all my hard work!
good morning girls. Im not working until 12 today so I cna focus on the water a bit better than yesterday.

Another sneeky peek at the scales shows 14st 1.5 this morning which is 8lb loss in 6 days so Im really chuffed. I was starving last night and could have easily cheated but so glad now that I didnt.

Have a great day everyone. xx


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Good morning all you early birds....well we have almost got through the week...and still going strong.

well done everyone.

I have my GT here and 1st litre water...ready to tackle the day.

Weather is awful, blowing a gale..sea is very rough. Think I could be staying in the warm.
Hiya all and hope you're all raring to go for another week's work!lol
I'm off to work this morning - back after the christmas break and hope the kiddies don't drive me mad!!!!lol
Day 5 for me and feeling quite positive today though it HAS only just started! Don't know how much water I'll be able to drink at work - am just tryin to gulp down a coffee (black of course!) before I bolt outta the door!
Have a great day everyone
Hey guys :)

Finally got a reasonable amout of sleep - hopefully a sign that the flu is clearing. I'm gutted really as i've never had it this long, and i've barely got up outta bed (just no energy)
Working a baby shift today just to cover the bar over lunch and to do some admin (mwahahaha, i'm in charge of the rota so what days do i fancy off next week??)
Diet wise - had a looooooong chat with georgie last night, basically she told me hat being this ill and on CD is silly, and i've managed to stick to it except for a small meal, so i think i'll do that today too and then tomorrow shall be SSing all the way. It's good in a way cos the last three days can be my prep :D

Got in touch with my CDC too! She was lovely and i feel awful about saying she is unreliable. It's me who's unreliable, bloody serial restarter!!!! Well, this time around i'm determined to be weighed by her weekly,never done it like this before. I always went to weight, have a chat and then get enough supplies for about 3 weeks...then drop off the flaming wagon.
So, my "first weigh in" is tomorrow and then SS shall commence! REALLY gotta do it this time, kinda chose the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses last night AND Delli and I are going away for a week in the summer and i'm going to be in a bikini :D:D:D

Love you all, have a great day xxx


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Morning everyone

Well I got a really good night's sleep last night, only woke up once to go to the loo and no hunger pangs yippeeeeee. Got up this morning at 7.15 and dragged the teenage monster out of bed to get him ready for school. Had to go up to school cos my silly son got himself suspended from school before Xmas, so had to go and meet the deputy head and sort all that out, but the good thing is, I walked the mile and a bit back. Took me 35 mins, but I made it, with only 2 sit downs on the way. I'm soooooo proud of myself, I never walk that far, normally I would phone a taxi back. I've had 3 coffees made with banana milkshake and a litre of water so far.

The temptation to cheat has been unbearable at times, I have some chocolate in the house that keeps calling out 'Andrea, come and get me Andrea', but I've resisted.
Restart - Day One

Hi Guys!!

Well, here I am, restarting on Sole Source... already lost three stone from June last year and have only regained 8lbs.. and all over Christmas!!!

First day today, feeling positive (and slightly sick after too much vodka yesterday.. last day of bad stuff!) and after reading all your motivating posts I shall be popping in here regularly to keep me going..

Good luck to all!!

Mares x x x x:D


Morning all - just! It's taken me this long to read all the post since i logged on last night - great to see so many people post tho! Last day of week one for me - I have been good too which is a miracle for me as I have usually crashed and burned before now. I resisted a BK on Friday night and pick and mix (which are my fav and would have no shame in selling my gran for) so am feeling pretty chuffed with myself!

Good luck with any restarts today - stick with it. You're first week will be over in no time!



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well done everyone, you all seem to be doing really well....and the water scotty 5 pints already blimey!! I better pull me finger out I'm only on my 1st litre. I have had 3 GTs tho.

Stay strong people....


Fed up of being fat
Good afternoon all, you seem to be doing fab, nice one!! Well done to all who have resisted temptation, poor you Chika, pc's, you gotta love them and hate them, hope you got your essay sorted!

Its day 1 of my restart and Im feeling very positive, better than I have the past 3 or 4 weeks. I really just needed to get my head in the right place and over the past week while not thinking about this that and everything lastnight it all just clicked!! So, I am no-nailing my arse to the wagon just in case so I cant fall off again.
Afternoon all, Blimey Scotty, you'll have to have a bag fitted for all that water, I've just started my 3rd ltr and second GT, I'm hooked on the stuff now hee hee. Everyone seems to be doing really well Andrea, CHUCK THE CHOCOLATE AWAY or make the monster eat it quickly hee hee xx I've been to toddler group this morning and enjoyed all the great compliments, one girl who was really interested has stopped asking me and saying how well I've done, I think she'd like to do it but her excuse is she likes food too much, doh, how does she think I got so fat??????? I've also cleaned the kitchen cupboards out WOW dh will pass out with shockola xx
Hiya all,
Well - what a day so far. Have barely drunk anything :( and, it was a colleagues birthday today so she brought cake and was insisting - along with everyone else that I had to have some. Honestly, they went on and on and on and it was sooooooo hard to resist it - but I did.
People try really hard to make you eat and make you feel guilty if you don't. I dug my heels in but I don't know why people don't listen and keep on at you. One person said I would be insulting the birthday girl if I didn't even eat a crumb but I know that I can't......I'm on day 5 and don't want to go backwards!!!!!
Ho hum..........In the end I told them I was on a very strict diet and couldn't eat any carbs but it still didn't stop them! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR It was staring at me for ages and I couldn't leave the room cos of a meeting!
Hope the rest of you are doing ok so far!
PS How do I put my pic in the posters bit? Cheers!

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