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It's my Birthday and I feel Rubbish!

Yes, today is my birthday. Woo Hoo :cry:

I bought all the usual stuff for everyone at work that you buy on your birthday; cream cakes, sausage rolls, pork pies, crisps, quiche, crusty baguettes etc and have not had ONE of them. But NO ONE has even said Happy Birthday to me? They just started tucking in to the food.

Perhaps I shouldn't have bothered. Now do I stick on plan and go Jacket Potato tonight, or should I say s*d it and have a takeaway curry to at least enjoy part of the day as we are not going out of anything.

What do you think peeps. Please help cheer me up before I head for the chocolate! (I really must be having a bad day).

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Slow but sure....
:birthday: To you :candle1:

Oh don't feel rubbish today, it's your BIRTHDAY and we at Minimins care about you......

So bring on that food and we'll have a virtual birthday party to help you celebrate :bestwishes:

You have a lovely and special day now, love to you. xxx


Mad old Bat with Attitude

What an ungrateful lot! They don't deserve you!
Right the party starts here! I'll bring the bubbly!:party0036:
Do you really need to ask if should break with your plan? I think not honey, its your birthday and you deserve to be very kind to yourslef and do what you know will make you happy tomorrow ie STICK TO PLAN 100% Your work mates (term used loosely) are a right bunch of ungratefulls, I think I would pass a bit of a sarcastic comment and let them know that you have noticed no one has wished you happy birthday. Enjoy your day, but dont let them unhinge you, they are not worth it, you are.



Staff member

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Jacqui!

This is your special day and don't let a few thoughtless people spoil it for you!:hug99:

Love Mini xxx

Sorry you've had a pants day so far with some ungrateful, gready gits at work (just think that they'll gain weight after today) and I hope this evening brings you some joy. When's WI? If it's a week a way then I'd too be tempted to have a curry but if it's tomorrow then be SW friendly and perhaps have a treat after WI
Your work collegues should be ashamed of themselves! I took in cakes for my class of 9-11 year olds on my birthday and every one of them said thank-you and happy birthday, so a bunch of adults should be able to manage it!

Think about why you are tempted to 'blow it'. Is it because it will make your birthday complete, or is it because you're fed up about how you were treated today. If it's the latter, 'blowing it' will probably make you feel even worse.

If you do decide to have some synful treats, really enjoy it. Best plates, and eat with relish not guilt. You might as well make the most of it if you're going to syn. Oh - and write the syns down BEFORE you eat it.

Happy birthday x
Happy birthday.

I like the idea of writing down the syns BEFORE you eat something. How many times do you look at some food and say it's not worth that many syns.

Enjoy your evening

Irene xx
Happy birthday.

I like the idea of writing down the syns BEFORE you eat something. How many times do you look at some food and say it's not worth that many syns.

Enjoy your evening

Irene xx
MOST times!
Happy Birthday, hope you have a better evening, your work collegues are very ungrateful!!
Happy Birthday !!!

To be honest I could never stick on plan for my birthday - I know I should etc BUT I reason it - it is MY day of the year - I can stick to plan all the other non-special days. Just if you do come off tonight (1) make sure you return to plan tomorrow morning and (2) enjoy every synful bite!!!!
Happy Birthday again and well done on your efforts todate



I want to be fitter again
Happy Birthday Take in scan bran cake and weetabix cake next year. Cover them with chocolate and cream and watch them all run for the loo the next day tee hee xx
Thank you so much everyone. Firstly for the lovely "gifts" :D and for the pick me up comments. After these I realise that I am not being unreasonable at thinking my colleagues are not that nice.

I normally have a curry once a week anyway, so I think I will stick to my usual routine and still have just the one this week, but make it tonight instead; thereby not doing anything "over the top". Should cover both bases then.

Thanks again to everyone at helping me feel more cheerful; you are all wonderful people! :hug99:

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