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It's Official - I am Back to Class Tonight


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After spending a few weeks deliberating, and following the plan and not losing anything on the scales - I have decided to pop back to class.

I think I need a consultant to view my food intake together with the amount of exercise I am doing - bit nervous about going back again, why on earth isn't it working for me?

I called target at this weight, but want to drop another half a stone now. I know many people will say perhaps I am destined to be this weight. What I say is I am still 2 stone heavier than when I got married, and 1.5 stone heavier than when I had the children - therefore aiming for half a stone is surely not unachievable??
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Good luck with going back to class.

Don't be nervous, although it is difficult walking in for the first time in ages...but you will be feeling at home within a few minutes as everyone is there with the same aim of losing weight.

As you get nearer to your own body weight it does seem to take longer and you just need to be patient.

I think we all know what weight we are happiest at and it is about feeling comfortable and happy in ourselves, not what others think or say at the end of the day.

Love Mini xxx


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your doing the right thing goign back, it does become harder though the closer you get to your target weight and you will probs find you will loose slower so dont get disheartened
Most people at class have done it before - everyone comes back as they know it works!


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It's not for anyone else to say what weight you should be. You know where you will be happy and that is what matters. Good on you for going back to class, good luck x


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thanks everyone - not so nervous about walking into class as I have been there before - I restarted last year after putting on all teh weigth back on (plus some) from the year before! I think i am nervous that I won't lose anything at all, ever again - very silly I know! I will go tonight early so I catch the consultant, do a food diary for the next week and see how it goes...
You'll be fine once you get there.

My target is fairly low but I spent the first 18 years of my life slim and I know where I'm comfortable - I found people started saying "Oh you must be near or at target now" when I still had a stone to go. Everyone's different. I've got down to 9st on SW before (under in fact!) and it seems harder this time, not sure why, I'll just keep going with it til I get there!

Not weighing myself helps as then I don't get bogged down and have a blow out, I just stay on track.


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Ok - been and done it! i weighed in only 4lb heavier than i last weighed in at class in january - and only 1 lb over my 'target' allowance. So not so bad really. have food diary in hand and brought a supply of hi fi bars. My exercise routine gets back to normal tomorrow with a Power Plate session and a few weights to ease me gently in again after 4 weeks unable to do anything! watch this space bcause I WILL BE LOSING (how positive can I be?)


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good for you lindam
you know aswell as any of us that a positive state of mind is half teh battle


what are hi-fi bars?


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
They are cereal bars that you can only buy from class. THey are nice and are a healthy extra B. I'd rather have 2 Alpens though

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