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It's Official

Good morning everyone, woke up this morning and felt 100% better than yesterday. Yesterday was the worst day I have had on this Exante journey and being day 31 it was totally unexpected. I anyway got through it and it has made me stronger and given me even more determination to do this thing as I now know I can get through days like that.

Weighed myself this morning I have officially lost exactly 3st in 31 days. 42lbs, what a feeling this is.

We will all have days like I had yesterday and we have to work through them, the feeling the next day, that proud feeling that you did not cheat, that happy feeling knowing you did not let yourself down, needs to be bottled for the next bad day because when it happens we need to open the bottle and remember what it feels like not to give in.

I did the most inportant thing I could do for myself, and we all HAVE TO DO THIS, I congratulated myself on a job well done. Well done Mr King.
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Well done, that is an amazing loss in a month. I was just proud to get through Day 1 yesterday!!


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Wow, that's a fantastic loss, reading that makes me feel very inspired.
I had a tough day yesterday as I felt really sore and crampy and then my hubbie and kids decided to have a BBQ and thoroughly indulged themselves whilst I sat in the house wondering where the support was (then I came on the forum and had a good read)!
Despite having had a fab first week it really made me wonder how easy this journey was going to be if those around me weren't going to come on side just a little.
I, too, woke up this morning, though, with that great feeling that I had supported myself and that was all that really mattered and what they want to eat doesn't matter, it's what I eat that matters!
So glad to have found this forum, so much more informative and supportive than any weight loss class I've ever been to (and that's a lot lol) x
Thanks everyone for the support, it does make a difference.
And so you should be proud ladyshopper, this is not easy and we have to be proud of every single achievement no matter what it is, so well done.
Kaka this diet is hard core and you did very well yesterday, I am just very happy that my wife is doing this as well but for 6 weeks I had to cook for her as she had a hand op so I struggled a bit but this forum helped me through and I hope I inspired others as well. It has also given me new appreciation and outlook on what food to eat when I get to eat.


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Well done for not giving in and also for the amazing loss :D. I'll remember that for when I'm having an extremely weak moment.

I did a sneaky peek on the scales this am and I've already lost 6lbs :D. I can't wait for the official W.I on tuesday.


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Congratulations - this definitely makes you a King among men. TFR is easy until the day that it's not and you did really well to get yourself through it. (And three stones in a month!!! Wow - that really makes the tough days worthwhile doesn't it.

Kaka - I have a family of tall skinny boys/men and they continue to eat, drink and party as per usual (and usually I've cooked it), and I wouldn't really expect them to do otherwise as they don't have my weight problem. I still join in with them, but I have my soup or whatever and no-one notices. I've been finding other ways to treat myself - a luxury bath, a quiet time with a good book, a peaceful walk - get them to support you in other ways by giving you some time to pamper yourself perhaps. Good luck (and it will get easier)


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glad i helped u thro mark, it was them bloody brownie points wasnt it. You be dammed if u give us 1.
Well seriously u r the KIng of exante for sure Mr KING, and yea pat yrself on the back, you have done so brill, i have just come to the conclusion that i can only do my best, i know i have not got the will power like u, so i guess i will just have to plod on, small losses are better than nothing i guess.
But i bet no1 has had such a loss like u, if they have it would be interesting to find out.
Again well done x MR KING, KING OF EXANTE:kissass:
Thanks to you all for your congrats, it really means a lot a lot to me.
All of you are also doing a amazingly well, I cannot stress how hard this diet is and you are all coping with it so well.

Yes my weight has been rapid but no matter how each of us lose we are winners just for wanting to better our appearance, so you all of us WELL DONE and hang in there. We are all an inspiration to each other.

Oh and Lisa, I know you would have, thank you.
Wow Mark ... i have never seen such a fantastic weight loss in a small space of time amazing .... i am starting today so it's been good to read this to spur me on i hope in 31 days i will be as happy with my results
well done !! x
Congratulations Mark!! That is an incredible weight loss for one month! We'll be seeing you featured in the slimming mags soon. "The incredible shrinking man - before and after photos"


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well done mark i bet your looking very sexy ;) hehe . I love coming on here and reading what you are getting up to and you amazing weightloss . You are the celeb of exante !! Keep it up hun xx
Rose don't, you make me very embarrased. The celeb of Exante, LOL.
Yeah it has been an amazing trip and the thanks needs to go to all of you for getting me through this.

Thanks for your kind words they mean a huge amount.


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Great loss in such a short time Mark, you chaps are soooooo lucky to lose it much faster than us girlies, I blame the hormones myself. Carry on the good work!
Bren xx

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