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It's Saturday!!! Let's Do the Weekend Hour by Hour!!

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Morning all!

Darn ketosis! All this extra energy and I can't sleep in anymore!

I'm looking forward to heading to Liverpool today for the Liverpool meet, although I'm only going for the day.

Good luck for any weigh ins today.

Catch everyone later xxx
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Morning Sarah

Ds has got me up early as usual although i would have quite liked a lie in this morning:sigh:

Off to ds dancing class today - tap shoes at the ready!:D

Have a fantastic time at the Liverpool meet today - i'm so jealous, i would love to come but its too far I'll have to wait for the London one. Have a great time.

S: 13st1lb C: 13st1lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Morning Jodie, it's a pain getting up early when you know you don't have to :mad:.

I love dancing but have never done any classes or anything formal. I really need to do something. My Mum's friends wants us to go line dancing, which I think would be loads of fun. I used to live in Scotland so every function you went to had Ceidlidh dancing involved so I used to love doing that!

The Minimins meets are always great fun, I've been to loads - once you start going you become addicted! If you get the chance to go to one, definately do it!


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Good Morning
Well i'm off to take my daughter to the flicks for 10am , and no we won't be going for Macs after lol . But i'm off CD now its been just over a week , but today i'm going to try something else as i still have lots to lose . Well done sarah your on CD , how are you doing girl ? JodieJoJO , have fun today , at dance ! Well have a great day everyone i'll be back , you know who said that don't you ? lol
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Morning all

I am back, but only just, after being ill for most of the week. Still coughing my head off and driving myself insane but got through it and stuck to CD so pleased. We are off to Gozo on Tuesday so going to have a couple of lazy days to try and shift my bad chest and then mad packing on Monday.

You will think I am mad but I was so concerned that I would take my tetras to Gozo only to have them taken off me at the airport that I emailed the Maltese government to find out if could take them in!!! They were so helpful and friendly and I now have email confirmation to take with me!! So with a few clothes and 21 tetras I head off, might do strictly SS or if I can lay my hands on cottage cheese will do AAMW as I am due to do one.

Haven't really been able to keep up with what everyone's been up to as haven't been logging on but hope you are all well.

PS does anyone know if having a cold/infection means you need to drink more water. I have been drinking the same amount as usual but my mouth has been so dry and probably TMI, but my wee really dark.

Good Morning girls,
welcome back georgie great to see to hun glad your feeling better xx
Sorry girls but i actually had a bit of a lie in today,infact dont know what am doing up as kids are still asleep!!
Have a fab time at the liverpool meet Sarah, i have not been to a meet yet and liverpool to far for me too,so would like to get to a meet tho as they sound great
good morning everyone (hope you don't mind me joining in). :D

Well I've had a bit of a lie in till 8am today as our lovely dog decided he was tired and had a lie in too!

I felt extra fat this morning and decided I needed some further inspiration so I hopped on the scales, which I never do unless it's Wednesday (weigh in day) and I've lost 2lbs so far this week. I really needed the incentive as I lost a big fat zero last week.

It's helped spur me on to glug my way through the weekend and be 100% focused on SS.

I'm just going to pop up the shops and then I'm planning on having a day at home doing boring domestic stuff (and sneaking on here regularly).

My teenage daughters are both going out so it's just me and the dog, again. :sigh:

Hope everyone has a good day :)

Sarah M

Getting the hang of this
Morning all, well i went to the doctors yesterday and got some antibiotics and new cream for my eczema and after only using the cream last night and taking 1 tablet so far its looking better allready!
When i got home last night i had a letter from the hospital to advise that i have an appointment next friday to have surgery to have a cyst removed from my face, ive been waiting about a year. Im pleased but gutted at the same time as it means i am unable to continue with CD at the moment. I emailed by lovely consultant Nick to explain and he is such a sweetie, he knows i want to continue loosing so while im unable to stick to CD he is going to still weigh me every week so i can keep on track. I think that is such a lovely offer and shows he isnt in it for the money. So im now considering weather to do slimming world in the meantime or a low GI diet, Nick is going to sort me out a couple of GI books that he has so i can look at those.

Anyway although im not going to be CD'ing as such for a while i hope im still welcome here?



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Good morning everyone,
Glad to see you back Georgie...SSing on hols...what willpower! good on you. have a great time.:)

Have a lovely time at the meet Sarah, say hello to Carol for me, we are always chatting on the last post thread.

morning Tara, hope you are bright a breezy today, glad you managed to get a lie in.

Well, I have weighed today and have lost another 2 lbs...that's 32 lbs now so over half weigh!! :D:D

Popping into town this morning and then like Sussexgirl will be doing chores....hubby wants another loaf of bread..............Oh the torture!!:eek:

Must go and get showered and dressed otherwise I will never get out...catch you all later.

Have a great day

Take care my fellow dailies.........(sounds like a cleaning firm) :D:D



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Morning all!! very tired delli today, was at a wedding yesterday and danced until i could dance no more and then i had to get up to go to work this morning. cruel cruel world. feel a bit guilty today as well as i just had to give my opinion on a colleague and her recent behaviour at work (being late, not showing up, turning up still drunk etc) and had to say honestly that it was time to let her go. shes such a lovely girl but its just gone on too long and when she doesnt turn up it leaves us completely stuck.


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Morning everyone - how is saturday going?

I'm getting ready to go to the ballet this afternoon. Off to see the nutcracker, its very early in the year but I will hopefully feel very christmassy when it has finished so I might even brave the Manchester crowds and get some Christmas shopping in when it has finished.


Talks too much
funny u should say that chika, as i felt all christmassy this morning too! someone opened a tin of roses in work this morn and the smell just reminded me of christmas.


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Well it's afternoon, where has the morning gone????

Back from shopping, started to collect bits for the chrismas box....Bought hubby a german stollen as a treat, I don't like it so I won't be at all tempted by it.

Bread is cooking, just started to get a whiff as I came through the door.

Does anyone find that they are feeding there family up more whilst on CD? I seem to be buying things for OH as treats knowing that I won't be having them.

Hope everyone is going OK, it's a bit quite here today.

Hope you're drinking plenty of water Nessa!

Take care
well I'm still pottering about, not actually achieving a lot as I can't be bothered really :eek:

The kids have gone out, the dog is asleep in the chair and I'm waiting for yet another load of washing to finish. The ironing pile resembles Mount Everest so I guess I'll have to tackle that later whilst I'm watching X Factor.

I've just tried my first choc mint shake, with cold water, well shaken and with ice. Oh it's totally yummy. I'm definitely having some more of those next time. Is it nice hot does anyone know?

I've got to get myself out the tetra rut and be more adventurous as I have quite a long journey and reckon I'll be sick of tetras by the end of it!!

Well enough waffle for now. I'm just going to glug another half litre of water. :D
thanks Hedgemag. I'll definitely try the choc mint hot. I just totally loved the flavour of it.

I love the vanilla cold. It was my staple diet when I did CD a few years ago. I survived on vanilla shakes for 60 days with nothing else, as my CDC only had a couple of flavours :eek:

However I have a different CDC this time and she is totally fab, much more supportive and a total darling. She knows who she is :D

oops, forgot to say I tried the vanilla hot yesterday and I hated it. I thought I would split a pack, which I've never done before and so I had half a vanilla pack hot. I found it weak and yukky - so won't be splitting packs again. I think I've got used to the stronger flavour of having an entire pack in one go.

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