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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by rolo, 4 July 2007 Social URL.

  1. rolo

    rolo Full Member

    Sorry to be moaning today but i really don't know how much longer i'll be able to stick with this. I feel so terrible despite drinking lots of water. I would just go to bed but i've got a meeting at the school tonight and i'm baby sitting my niece. I just want to eat..........anything!! My tummy has been rumbling permanently today. I'm just pinning all my hopes on a good loss on friday to keep me going or i'll probably give up. I really don't want to though because everyone thinks i won't do it anyway. They've got too used to me moaning about my weight and then stuffing a big pizza down lol.

    Anyway just needed to let it out while the kids dinner is cooking........arghhh

    Roz x
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  3. spooky

    spooky Banned

    I know its hard to believe but it will pass when you are properly in ketosis! hang in there! You can do it!
    I have sympathy for you cos I felt rubbish the first couple of days and then I went through a feeling cold stage, but it honestly dosen;t last forever!
  4. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

    I agree - once you're in ketosis, you'll be grand!! The initial days are horrid but they're soon over. Hang on in there - you will be so pleased that you did!!

  5. Jacey

    Jacey Full Member

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    Heartbreak diet lol
    Hi Roz

    Hope you can stick with it - Im sure the scales will reward you for your hard work x

    Good Luck for Fri Hun x
  6. Sambucca

    Sambucca Gold Member

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    what day are you on Roz?

    Dont give up yet. You owe it to yourself to at lease give it a week and see what the loss is
  7. Linda5111

    Linda5111 I can do this.

    slim and save
    Hi roz...try to hold on a little longer, it really does get better.
    Good luck with ur

  8. missymoo

    missymoo Fed up of being fat

    Moan away Im sure no one minds at all .. we are all in the same boat on the same diet more or less.

    Hang on in there, just think of the new slimmer you each month.
  9. arcticmonkeys

    arcticmonkeys Silver Member

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    The only thing I can add to what everyone else has said is please do not give up. It will be well worth it in the end, I promise! x
  10. ava

    ava Silver Member

    Hi Rolo, i've found today harder than the last couple of days too. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for both of us. Fri is almost here :)
  11. Ceri

    Ceri Full Member

    cambridge diet
    Hi rolo, stick with it. I know it can be hard but after tonight it will be a lot easier. Tomorrow you will have the incentive that it's weigh in the next day (seems to curb my appetite!) and after your weigh you will be so motivated to carry on.
    Good luck.
  12. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    The first week to 10 days can be really hard, but do stick with it hun. A lot of us have been where you are right now and were so close to throwing in the towel. After your first weigh in it will make it all so worthwhile.
    You will soon be feeling much better. The grotty feeling will soon be a distant memory
  13. rolo

    rolo Full Member

    Thanks again for your support. Luckily i've been kept very busy so this is the first chance i've had to log on. I had my shake later than usual as there was no time before and i think that has helped with the hunger a bit. Heres hoping i wake up tomorrow feeling great and not urghh.

    Roz x
  14. I will do it this time!

    I will do it this time! Full Member

    I'm doing it the cambrige way!
    Hi Roz, glad you're feeling a bit better,

    I had two days where my tummy rumbled non stop.... but you CAN DO IT! Prove them buggers wrong....
    Whenever I tell people I'm on a diet, they always say.. oh great! then change the subject as they know I've always given in.... we will all prove them wrong!
    I love pizza, and will eat them <in moderation one day> but only when I can slink off to a lovely pizzeria in a fitted strappy dress!
    Keep positive.... write down all the reasons you want to be thin, i can bet you can't think of many reasons you want to stay fat!
    Good luck for tomorrow!
  15. Ruthlet

    Ruthlet Wants to be a loser!

    Hi Roz,

    Ketosis is a wonderful thing and once you are in the zone you will feel so much better - I promise you it really is worth it if you can tough it out.
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