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It's Thursday ***lets Do It Hour By Hour***


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good morning everyone....I am up at silly o'clock, so thought I may as well start the daily.

1st GT on it's way....have an exciting day ahead, off to meet Tara yayyay!!!!:D As long as I don't get lost...

It's day 4 of my trying to get back on the wagon..I am struggling a bit with this at the moment. I think I may have to go 790 for a while, or at least until after Christmas. Maybe then my mojo may have returned so that I can finish the journey properly.

Have a good day all and good luck if there any weigh ins today.

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Morning HM!
Taking a leaf out of your book and starting the day with a GT!
:booboo: last night, my dratted chatterbox! Back on it 100% today for me.
Have updated my diary. I have a busy day with sick people, kids and a funeral.
Catch you all later X
S: 21st8lb C: 19st6lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 42.6 Loss: 2st2lb(9.93%)
Morning-I've been up since 4:30am :O Had to get bf off to work for 6am...45 miles away...went back to bed at 5..he called at 6...they'd sent him to the wrong place, so a few phone calls later to the agency and they sent him 12 miles down the road...and he's been sent from there driving a lorry to Scotland...the trouble is he doesn't think he can get there and back in the allowed time(only allowed to drive 4.5 hours, then have to have a break of 45 mins, then another 4.5 hours and a break of 9 hours!), so looks like he might be stuck in the lorry tonight...grrrr...if they'd told us he was going to be going to Scotland I'd have got some extra food ready and a pillow and duvet...he's not happy and nor am I :(
I had a sneaky weigh this morning and am STILL the same as last Friday so I don't think I am going to lose this week(WI is tomorrow) so am very p*****d off with that...will stick with it another week and see what happens :(
Hello my lovelies

Come on Maggie, get back on track. I think going 790 now and through christmas is a good idea, its far more managable and at least you can enjoy yourself too!

I am still suffering with tooth infection but they will be out on Monday so not many days of pain left!:)

I'm a happy bunny today - 2 pounds below target making me 8st 12! Into size 8s so really really pleased. Time to stop though as i dont want to lose any more. Trying to incorporate a few extra things into my daily eating now, just slowly, to get back to a healthy eating regime.

Have a great day Maggie and Tara - dont drink too many gts!

Hi all, I've taken my little man to baby ballet again, he loves it and flirts with the teacher all the way through (he's two, it's allowed and she is very pretty) I'm only on my third ltr now and it's twenty to three!!!!

I've got some jeans today (ebay of course) and they're a size 16 and I can do them up!!! I'm quite muffiny over the top but hey, a size 16 done up ha ha ha. I've also coloured my hair while Jacob is sleeping so he'll have a new mummy when he wakes.

I really should be doing the housework but I can scoot round later, DH is trying to finish a job before Christmas as hasn't been home before seven for ages so I've got time. Stupid aeroplanes.

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