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***It's THURSDAY~~~Let's take it hour by hour***

Morning gang

Yet again i'm up at stupid o'clock, my wisdom teeth are cutting and i've never been in this much pain :(

Well, day 1 again.... already getting through my first two litres - i'm aiming for 5-6 a day to get my weight off and clear up my skin a bit.

Plans for today include:
1) Go to lectures
2) Write up some notes
3) Stick to SS
4) Go to work
5) MUST MUST MUST do some dissertation work - AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH it's doing my head in!!

How is everyone? Sleep ok? Plans?? xxx
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Bore Da (Is that right)? how are you and how is everyone?

I feel you with the uni work. I'm surrounded by it and its doing my head in. I think all social arrangements are gonna have to be cancelled this weekend to deal with it all.

How is your skin doing Leah?
Bore da indeed! Skin is ten times better thank you :D
Still a little scabby on my back and hands, and have these sore bumps on my chest and belly but legs are groovy! Who would have thought that the scrummy soups would have made me feel so rubbish.

That reminds me, we allowed yakult on CD? how about a probiotic capsule instead?

i cannot belive you've lost so much in so little time Chika, blooming marvy! xxx


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Morning Guys
Hardley slept , as helped my son with his paper round and feet hurt as i have problems with them with heel pain , and if i do pro longed standing then it starts again so think i got say 5 hours in , if anyone looks at me today they will say we can tell shes been out all night on the p$ss , lol . Wisdom teeth oh no , hope that sorts itself out Leah , really don't want taht removed . Morning also Chicka hope everyone is doing well today . I guess i better go sort the kids out for school .
morning guys i slep like a log first ime in a week.. but woke up to the smell of something mostly gross... my dog had been sick right next to my bed and on the landing and on my daughters bed... urghhhhh uchy uchy... bit worried about her.. because our new next doors cat got in my house tuesday and she went for the cat obviousley and the cat scrammed a junk out of her ear... do you think this could of caused it? i am going to ring the vet when they are open am very worried.. next door seem clean they got 4 cats.. i did tell her what happened she couldnt appoligize enough...

anyway day 8 for me today i am so proud..

best of luck to everyone..


I will get to goal .....
Morning Guys,

BG - best of luck for your restart hunni!! Have a great day at Uni.
Chika - poor you with all that Uni work! It's bad enough with work work for me but at least I get it leave it at work! Couple of days hard graft and it'll be gone ;)
Amethyst - Congrats on your superb loss hun. Keep it up!!

Right off for another cup of tea and pint no. 4 of water.

Mwah x
Morning all!

Well, after feeling a lot better this morning and actually looking forward to going to work....the ChildMinder cancels on us!!! Grrrr!
I am a home looking after Jessica and catching up on a few things that get over looked until the weekend and I am loving it!!!
I won't be on for the rest of the day - can't really spare the time with an almost 2 year old!!!

Have a great day all and I will catch up on the goss tomorrow.
Leah, well done for re-starting Hun - Bore Da by the way!!!

Take care and drink that water!!



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Good morning all, I'm a bit late getting going this morning...been to my neighbours and sorted her printer out for her..that's my good deed for today.

Leah, poor you and the flipping wisdom teeth, I have never had any :eek: does that mean I'm not very wise! :rolleyes:

Glad your feeling better Mrs V, a busy day for you it seems.

Hi Dobbie, how are you today, drinking like a fish I see well done Mrs :D

Amethyst, your doing brillianty hun, so postive keep it up.

Morning Chika and MsJMC..Uni work :eek: and sore feet MsJ, hope they ease a bit soon hun x

On 2nd litre so far, went to bed with a headache last night, had a very testing client....sometimes I feel that I'm just not going to get through...:confused:. Played on my mind some...

Spooky.....thanks hun for the chat and help xxxxx :)

Catch up later

can i just say - nikki is a legend

thanks! xxx
Ey up,

Not been around much as been poorly. Back to it today with SS.

Just wanted to drop in on this thread. It definitely helps knowing others are taking this one hour at a time.

Nothing much to say, except keep up the good work everyone....... I will try too!!
How's everyone's days going? Are all you Uni students being good and working on your dissertations? I'm just relieved it's nearly home time. I've been battling with excel spreadsheets and silly websites all day today. Going to have an early night tonight. I'm so pleased I'm nearly through day 3. I'm so in the zone at the moment, it's fantastic :)

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