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It's Tuesday|****lets Do It Hour By Hour*

Morning All

Enjoy your little trip away Maggie, what a lovely birthday treat!

I'm struggling abit so got to try and up the motivation. I'm not craving anything naughty but still cant control myself with the fruit during the day:(:(

Lets get some positive vibes passing through this thread today then maybe i can catch some!:)



I will get to goal .....
Morning Guys,

Feeling a tad more than a little peeved today. Got on the scales and according to the stupid display I've put on 2lbs :mad:. I hate stupid TOTM (especially since it's not even supposed to be now) and to top it all I feel bloated and crap:cry:. I know it's just water retention and will go in a couple of days - just hope it's off by WI on Thursday. Sorry to be negative and moan but IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!!

Ok, feeling much better for getting that off my chest and have formulated the following plan:
1. Dobbie has to stay off scales until Thursday
2. Dobbie has to remain calm and apply logic to whatever the results are on Thursday - if it's a gain/STS it's TOTM to blame and not because I am doing something wrong
3. Dobbie must drink as much water as possible (aiming for 12 pints) over the next couple of days to try and clear the water retention.

So, it's onto pint no. 4 already (3rd of the way there) and some positive thoughts to see me through the next couple of days.

How's everyone else getting on??? Let's have a good day - it's nearly hump day (Weds) from where the week is downhill to the weekend!!!

Sorry for the long rant/post :eek: xx


I will get to goal .....
TOTM officially sucks!!! Let's just grit our teeth and soldier on!! Not that we have much choice of course LOL!!! We can make it through today and tomorrow we will worry about getting through tomorrow. One day at a time .... we can do it!!!


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Happy birthday Maggie! Hope you have a great trip.

I start today with a new determination for SS. I got weighed yesterday and only lost 2lbs. I know its 2lbs in the right direction but as I had a massive carb fest on Sunday it showed quite clearly on the scales.

I also have a job interview later for a really cool sounding job so wish me luck!


I will get to goal .....
Good luck with the job interview ...let us know how you get on.
Congrats on the 2lb loss too - it's still a loss chick xx
Morning everyone!

Maggie Happy Birthday!!! Have a lovely break!

Well, I am in a more positive mood than yesterday (shouldn't have pigged out at the weekend), so was feeling really guilty!
I see my CDC later this afternoon and Jason - Hubby is coming with me to make a start tomorrow!! Thank goodness I will not have to sit through another pizza munch fest again!!!

Dobbie, sorry to hear that you are feeling rough...TOTM is a bummer. Even if you stay the same this week though, just remember that next weeks loss will be a good one.

Little one had me up about 6 times during the night, so feeling rather sleepy today!!!

Just about to reach for my 3rd litre of water, and maybe a can of coke zero to boost me!!!

Catch you all later!!




I will get to goal .....
Onto pint no. 6 ..... I'm half way there!!!
More positive vibes for us today .... everyone ready to catch a bit?? :vibes::vibes::vibes:


I will get to goal .....
LOL .... it's all the positive vibes .... I'm onto pint 7 now! Gotta get them in early (starting at 6am) or I'm up all night needing a pee!!!!

How we all doing?? Staying positive?? Drinking our water??? Got our happy heads on???

At least we're into the afternoon now and on the downward slope for the end of another day of dieting. I think we just might make it you know!!!
Afternoon all!!!

Well almost 4 litres down and running back and fore the loo as if my life depended upon it!!!
I feel strangley "on top of the world" today!! I am still hungry, but ignoring it!!

They have brought sandwiches, crisps and cakes into lunch, as there is a meeting - yes, the cakes looked nice, yes, the sandwiches looked really yummy, but if truth be honest, do I want it? NO, not really!!!


Talks too much
good 4 u mrs v! im back on day 1 of ss after a major weekend, was meant to start yday but everything went a bit pearshaped, but im here now!! have set a new goal for myself and am determined to reach it! also think when i reach this new goal im gonna get my bust measured as bras are starting to look a bit wonky. at uni at the mo, came in an hour early for a keep fit class and it had been cancelled with no warning!! grrr. think i mite go for a run later as feeling quite energetic and always feel brillant after doiung something physical. hows everyone's day been so far?


I will get to goal .....
Pint no. 7 has made me want to eat ...... or maybe it's that my colleague is stuffing her face with chocolate as I type this and making a huge song and dance about how yummy it is. How down right mean and nasty is that??? There's only us 2 here and she knows I'm on CD ..... I'll have to hide her paperclips as revenge :sign0151:

Anyway - I will not be eating (despite the fact that I could kill right now for a peanut butter sandwhich, or peanut butter on wholemeal toast, or peanut butter on crumpets .... you get the idea). Down with some more water ...... sigh!


I will get to goal .....
thanks hun .... I know it will pass but peanut butter is my absolute weakness. always has been and is probably responsible for my fat ass in the first place. I have no intention of eating any - just a craving. it will go away. it will go away. it will go away ... lol!!!!

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