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Its Tuesday Lets Do It Hour By Hour


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Morning everyone

wow first time I've ever set this off, but it looks like I'm the first up this morning. Had a great night's sleep, but I'm up wayyyyyyyyy too early.

So far 1 coffee down, 1/2 litre of water and looking forward to a good day.

I'm wearing my jeans today (size 24) yippeeee
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Morning Andrea hun,
Ok, up before 6 is WRONG and so is being clothed, but i'll let you off seeing as you are in those size 24's. Well done you, you are doing so brilliantly. Nicky must be so proud of you ;) of course, i am too!!

A sneaky look at the scales today shows 11st 12 :D WOOOOO! Please, someone remind me often that his diet DOES work with a little bit of commitment. That puts me at 15lbs loss in my first month, and thats with almost a week off CD with my small WW blip (which we wont mention eh? lol!!)

Have a good day people, good luck with any weigh ins. Oh, and all you lurkers, STOP LURKING and say hello!
Love Leah xxx
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Its somewhere we all check in hroughout the day - if its once or many times, just to keep ourselves on track. Its a good way of letting people know your good times, bad times, and general chit chat. You'll often find many tips and motivation/insirationto keep going throughout the day. Join in! Tell us your plans for today!!
Morning all! :D

Had a good day yesterday, hoping for another one today, got a good excuse for keeping me on track;)

Gotta do all the usual stuff with the kids for school, but will prob have some spare time later to spend on Minis!!! Yippeee!:D
Morning all! :D

Had a good day yesterday, hoping for another one today, got a good excuse for keeping me on track;)
You bet your ass you have matey!

:whoopass: xxxx
S: 15st12lb C: 15st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 0st7lb(3.15%)
Morning All

WTG Caress I love dropping clothes size thats a bigger motivator for me than seeing the numbers fall on the scales

Leah are you feeling better this morning hun? Migraine gone? I get them, they are awful. Well done on your weight loss to you are doing brilliantly keep it up.

10stonesize10 (sorry don't know your name) were you over on LL I am sure I recognise your name from there?

Morning Spooky, I had a good day yesterday too lets hope we can string a few of them together!!

Nothing much planned today except usual houseworky type stuff and then off to meet the CDC tonight.
I have the day off.
going shopping a little bit
with the sales I am on a bit of binge
yesterday I bought a bra and matching panties
something I dont think I have had in my life{bright pink]
and a pretty little silk thing for V day
and a size 10 suit from whistles , it is a size small , but I will be soon
so as you can see I have been having fun.........
and plan to have more
and then its out to dinner with my sister in law
well coffee for me.................
I think the shopping will help
Thanks sharon :D Feeling much better!!! Don't do housework, it's 'orrible!

10stonesize10 - busy little day planned!!!
S: 15st12lb C: 15st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 0st7lb(3.15%)
lol Leah I HAVE to do it or I will eat. I think thats a downside of not going out to work when you are following one of these plans there is nothing much to distract you

Wow 10stonesize10 you put me to shame


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Morning All

I know I have been a bit quite lately and not posting much. But I have been lurking. ;)

Had a good day yesterday, hoping for a good one today too....

Housework??? Whats that????

Glad you're feeling a bit better today BG.

Well Spooks, we will be able to keep each other on track today (well afternoon/eve anyways).....I coming up there to see you all :D Hide them green triangles ;).

Have a good day everyone...............................I will :D
Hello everyone.

Busy day at work for me today. Will help keep me distracted so hopefully I'll be able to stick at it 100% today.

I've got really sore abs from using my slendertone. Was inspired by Icemoose's threads to dig it out and use it properly, and by god it works!!

Wedding plans have been helping me keep on track. Have ordered my dress (In a 10!!) and have booked our hotel which looks really nice (Tigerlily in Edinburgh). Everything feels scarily real now it's only 7months away. Eeeek!

Hope everyone has a good day.

ps. tried the fizzy water shake thing and it was suprisingly yummy.
S: 21st10lb C: 21st10lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 47.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hi everyone

well once again i was up and working at 6.30 this morning!!! why do i do it to myself eh?

gonna drink tons of water today, or at least try to anyway. seeing my new cdc tonight so will see how that goes

good luck to everyone today!!!
OMG pony, how organised are you!!! Puts me to shame hun!! You are so gunna slink into that gorgeous dress of yours :D

I make all my sweet shakes with fizzy water - strawberry, toffee & walnut, FOTF....YUM! Ok, it all startedcos i bulk bought 18 litres of the fizzy goodness :) xxxx
Lol! I was inspired by another thread, and at 17p for 2 litres in asda you can't complain.

I feel really disorganised with regard to weddingy things. People keep harassing me for invites (Which still aren't properly sorted), and I have yet to book a florist or hairdresser. The people over on confetti.co.uk make me look like a shambles!
7 months is AGES! My mother is making all my invites :D
Hiya all,
Sorry I haven't been into the daily since Friday. I was at that conference over the weekend staring at yummy deserts but................... I didn't cave in! Just ate fish, chicken and salad - no carbs so didn't go out of ketosis:D It was sooooooooooo hard though watching everyone eating cheesecake etc and the other thing I noticed was that, even when I asked for plain salad it came drizzled in loads of oil! I was bad on the packs though - thought it would be ok to only have 2 those days that I munched cos I felt so full.
I'm pleased with myself that I managed to stick to my plans but I wouldn't want to do that again because yesterday at college a colleague invited me to lunch and persuaded me that a salad would be ok - it's that easy to continue eating rather than going back to complete SSing!
Anywayz - I have a lazyish day today. Have got the period from hell and feel like crap so not gonna do much at all except assignments and slobbing!!!
BG & Spooks - am following your barmyarmychallenge thread and enjoying your posts - hoping that it's a tie really cos I think you both deserve to win:)
Caress - fantastic that your jeans are fitting - they'll be round yer ankles before long!lol
HM - great to see you again
10s10 - good to see you on here - keep coming in for support
Pony - blimey girl - I haven't done anything about my wedding really, you are very organised! I'm hoping it all comes together!!!Lol and....you WILL be in that size 10 dress and look gorgeous
Sharon - put that broom down and chill babe!lol
and lozzers - pull a sickie tomoz and have a lie in!
Hope I haven't missed anyone out.....This post is a "little":rolleyes: longer than I thought it would be! hahaha
Take care all and have a great day
BG & Spooks - am following your barmyarmychallenge thread and enjoying your posts - hoping that it's a tie really cos I think you both deserve to win:)
No way, spooks is going DOWN! ;)
S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
morning all. ive been quiet the last few days as well. but been a busy busy bee. been going to the gym and have had a programme worked out for me and boy can I feel it working. Because of all the exercise I have been doing a 1000ish style programme, not completely stuck to the 1000 plan in the book but cals have come in at around about 1000 for the last 2 days. Got the day off today and getting my hair cut and coloured this afternoon. Might go into town and get some new trainers this morning.
Right, loving you and leaving you! Must go see my dissertation supervisor about my 'orrible project, one is not amused. It's effing FREEZING here, must find a cuddle jumper and get a scarf on.

Oh, something nice just happened. My coat i had for christmas (size 16) is now clearly too big :D Luckily, i can get my mama to move the buttons and it'll last me the rest of the winter i hope - here's to a size 10 winter coat this year!!!!

Ah, little things eh? xxxx

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