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**It's TUESDAY!!! Let's take it hour by hour**

Morning miniminers!

Haven't been to bed yet - sleeping random times but the good news is that i'm feeling MUCH better :D

It's also day 1 of my restart, i'm seeing my CDC at 3.45 after work, and i've already downed 2litres of water.

Going to weigh today with my CDC so i think i'll compare my scales to hers and base my ticker on my scales - after all i can't weigh with my CDC for the rest of my life! My losses will be according to my CDC though.

I'm all excited, never done CD this way before. Perhaps seeing my CDC every week is a good way to stay SSing.

Have a good day xxxx
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Good luck with that BG. I have just woken up to the start of Day #7 of SS, and have held fast so far, though I have to admit it has been tough - VERY tough. Although my head is now right for all of this, truly I am not sure how long I can stick at this SS lark. I just seem to be putting myself through so much mental torture (not intentionally, I just cannot stop myself), I am starting to question whether it is really worth it. I don't want to come out of this at the end as a "Reached Target Basket Case" :)

Anyway, my next WI is tomorrow at 17:30 with my CDC, and it will be my first time on scales since last Wednesday at 13:00, so I am going to stick with it until at least then. I hope there is a significant loss that will motivate me for week #2 ....
Just take it day by day! You'll be laughing in a few weeks.

Do you think that eating is a habit for us? A habit we can't shake?

Similar amount of weight to shed eh? I would say "BRING IT ON" but as you are a week ahead of me, and are XY, so i'm off to cower in the corner! I can't believe you havent been on a scale - HUGE congrats. Much stronger person than me matey.

You can do this xxxx


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You've got a pound head start, what more do you want ?? :D

I hope you are right. I would love to stick with this, but at the moment I don't feel any different, I don't look any different. I suppose that is one thing to be said for scales hoppers, at least they can SEE a difference .....

I hope that the WI tomorrow spurs me on to new levels of belief. I know I can do this, I have done it before, I can do it this time. I just keep thinking "only 2 months and you're there" ......
I reckon you'll be 9lbs ahead of me tomorrow.
Hang on in there, i need people like you to keep me going!!!!
(i'm so selfish)


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S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
morning gang. wi day for me too. according to my scales my loss for the week is 8lb but I'll update my ticker when I get back from CDC. Its the first day I havent seen the scales change over night so im guessing my glycogen stores are completely empty now. That means good old fat loss from here on in!

Wheres the rest of our daily gang - having a lie in?


Here I Go Again
Hi everyone,

Hope you don't mind me pooping in i think i might end up a regular here.

Im on day 6 now and have my weigh in tomorrow.

Good Luck to those of you with your WI today.
Day 2 for me and I've just got back from my morning walk. I think I'll have to stop the exercise for a few days as I thought I was going to fall over :D

Right, strawberry shake for brekky :)


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good morning everyone

Scotty, maybe have your shake before you walk......and take bottle of water with you.

Hi Ronnie welcome to the daily

Morning Sam good luck with weighin if it stays at 8lbs brilliant.....Fat burning now in progress !!

Hi Leah stay strong Hun, glad your feeling a bit better too.

Good luck if there are any more weighins today

1st Gt and 1/2 litre down already.....
hiya all and a wonderful good morning to you.....
Just got my wee girlie off to school and the boys are at work so thought I'd sneak in here for a peek!lol
Steve WL8S and BG - Best of luck with the weigh ins, I'm sure you will be great.
Ronnie - I'm on day 6 also - is it getting easier for you, I'm not toooooo hungry today, I am def in keytosos so hoping that the residual hunger pangs will ease off. Are you having trouble drinking water too - I really have to force myself but my CDC told me as long as it's liquid it doesn't have to actually be water - I can do black coffee, one of CDs flavourings etc but am trying to do my best with the cold water as I read the sticky on it! Anywayz - we are in this together but I don't have my first weigh in till Friday - DAY 9 cos we can't meet up until then. I really really hope I've lost some weight to motivate me but it's not showing with the clothes getting any looser yet - how about yourself?!
Scotty - how good are you to be striding about at this time of day - I'm sitting here wrapped up in a blanket!lol Slobbess by nature me!
Have a great day y'all


Here I Go Again
Hi Tansy day 6 for us good going!
Afraid im too good on the water front either and i know it's going to let me down when i WI probably if i had managed to drink even the reqired amount i would have a better loss.
Hunger pangs have gone but the need to chew hasn't and im still craving food big time:mad:
Good Morning All,

Hello Ronnie and welcome to the daily

Scotty your doing brilliantly and you will be rewarded when you get weighed tomorrow which will spur you on

Sam good luck with weigh in 8lb start will be great finges crossed its more for you tho, yay to fat burning

Leah,Glad your feeling better, good luck with day 1 of restart hun stay strong

Good luck to anyone else with weigh-ins today

Well i have had 1 black coffee & 1/2 ltr water sofar and ame half way down my first GT

Hey Tara, been meaning to tell you that your last signature entry is wrong doll :D

I was studying your losses for THinspiration this morning....SAD arent i xxxx
Good luck!!

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