Its Wednesday! Guess what?? Hour by hour!

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  1. spooky

    spooky Banned

    Morning all!
    Nobody about early today?
    Wishing you all a good day on SS and keep glugging that water!!!
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  3. Want2bThin

    Want2bThin Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Morning Spooky,

    I'm around this morning - not for long but i'm here.

    Just been on my home scales...hehehe, looks like i'm in for some serious weight dropping when i visit my counsellor tomorrow :) YAY!!!
  4. itsnowornever

    itsnowornever Full Member

    cambridge diet
    morning all ,i ve got my weigh in this morning so fingers crossed i t will be good got on my scales and it s saying i m in the 12 s so let s hope i hope everyone else has a good day,
  5. spooky

    spooky Banned

    Fingers crossed for you both!!!:D:D
  6. fingers crossed

    fingers crossed Silver Member

    I'm also around very briefly. Off to the hospital at 9.00 3 towns away which is daft, good old NHS! Then back to hopefully finally finish all this damn DIY! Weigh in tonight. Good luck Joanne with yours & good luck everyone with another perfect CD day!
  7. myrtlemoo

    myrtlemoo Full Member

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    :sigh: OK girls... needing some advice and encouragement this morning!... I'm on day 12 and due to see my CDC tonight... I have stuck to CD religiously and on Sunday had lost 7lbs - was well chuffed.... jumped back on scales this morning to see what I could expect tonight and they haven't moved!! Am I expecting too much?? just feeling very unsure of myself this morning.
  8. saffron

    saffron Gold Member

    cambridge diet
    good morning girls, just a brif visist from e for now as me and h2b are going out for a while, we are going to see the registrt office and book our wedding today!!:):), so will check in when we get back but wanted to say good luck to allwho get weighed today, and good luck to all stay good stay strong and positive and keep glugging that old :tear_drop:, lets all have a good one
  9. sazzy34

    sazzy34 Gold Member

    cambridge diet / weight watchers
    Good luck to everyone getting weighed today,
    Saffron, thats so exciting, hope you get your wedding day booked xx
  10. Nessa

    Nessa Silver Member

    Slimming World
    Morning all, Have the folks coming round today, so have am forced to clean and tidy the house! Was good yesterday and only had my packs, I think finally I am getting this ssing at last either that or I want to be thin
  11. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    WOW, there are gonna be a lot of weigh ins today, good luck to all of you. Can't wait to hear how much you have lost,... it does spur us on:)

    Sending out positive vibes to you all today :vibes: think SLIM SLIM SLIM the size 12's are calling :D some are nearer than others but with support and motivation we will all be a size 12 one day, for most of us it will be before Christmas (this year I might add) :eek: omg...can you believe it?? It's true:)

    happy glugging folks :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:
  12. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    I'm sure you will have done great, 7lbs is huge for your second wi. x
  13. cheeseontoast

    cheeseontoast Full Member

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    Good morning all,

    Just checking in quickly before I go shopping. I hope everyone that has WI has great results.

    Since my WI on monday, I have been complacent and eaten things I definitely should NOT have. I'm trying not to dwell on it and just get back on track. I was hoping to have lost a total of a stone by monday but don't think that's realistic after what i've eaten. :eek:

    Hope everyone has a great day.
  14. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    how ya diddlin bluehail?? hope you're ok xxx remember why you are doing this sweetheart. You are gonna be so flaming slim and even more gorgeous, make sure you ss today darlin, we are all here for you going through the same thing, let's know how you are getting on. XXX:hug99:

    Tinks...did ya have your lay in??:D

    wishing everyone a good day, my dd is on a promise to go out to our local National Trust house today, losts of lovely grass for her to run around on....and there is a toilet not far away either so I have no excuse, I have to keep glugging, done 2 lts up to now, maybe that's too much for this time of day, I dunno, but trying to go for gold with the water, got to aim for 4.5 lts from now on and maybe go higher gradually.

    have a great day...catch you all later xxx
  15. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    cheese, like you say try not to dwell on it, just draw that line underneath and promise yourself that you wont eat wanna be slim very soon and if you do your ss then you will be, just remember that darlin,,, enjoy your shopping trip and steer clear of the food places!!! best of luck :vibes: more vibes for you hunny xxx
  16. fuzzyduck

    fuzzyduck Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    Morning guys, feeling a bit dejected today. Got weighed this morning for the August challenge and was disappointed to find I have only lost 0.6 of a pound since Saturday :sigh:. I'm only on week 2 of my restart too so I was hoping for a bit more than that.

    Just wondering whether it's all worth it, if I weren't paying out for CD I could be taking my driving lessons (can't afford both) and actually getting somewhere with my life.

    It's so much harder now I've lost alot of the weight as people are constantly telling me how good I look, and that I don't need to lose anymore. However, my BMI is still almost 27 and my body fat is around 38% but I can get into size 12/14 jeans.

    I'm just so pissed off this morning I could cry!
  17. itsnowornever

    itsnowornever Full Member

    cambridge diet
    hi guys just got back from weigh in and i ve lost 4lb so pleased after the weekend , 18lb in 2 weeks
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  19. kammeg

    kammeg Full Member

    The Cambridge Diet
    That is fantastic - well done you!!!!

    you will be where you want to be in no time!

    I am having my first bar today - cranberry! will it be like cardboard or take me by surprise and taste luverly! i reckon the first! he he

    good luck to all today, drink the :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop: and think slim think slim!

    i cannot wait to get into something lovely! maybe skinny jeans without muffin top and huge tunic to hide the belly! he he
  20. carebear1

    carebear1 Full Member

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    Celeb slim
    Afternoon ladies!
    Moo home scales always differ from the CDC ones so i bet you have lost more especially if you've been 100% good, the weight has to come off. Keep your chin up your doing great hun.

    Fuzzyduck was they your own scales you weighed on? is your own scales as accurate as your CDC's? if not how much does it differ? my home one is always 2lbs less then my CDC so i can predict what hers will say is that what you done hun?

    CONGRATULATIONS JOANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is fantastic hunny, you will be at target quicker than you know it hoorayyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    3ltrs down and 3ltrs to go and to shakes down( had it in one to get it over and done with lol)
    have a great ladies, Lets keep up this fab SS with no blips.
  21. fingers crossed

    fingers crossed Silver Member

    Myrtlemoo & Fuzzyduck- don't get too hung up on the scales. I tend to stay the same for a few days then drop 2lb at a time. In fact last week I'd only gone down 1 1/2lb over the week & then went down 3 1/2 over the last 2 days! I says this... it drove me mad at the time!

    Well done Itsnowornever! 18lb in 2 weeks in AMAZING!!! My weigh in isn't until late on so I'm trying to glug as much as I can now & then will tame it down before tonight.

    Hospital was interesting. They weighed me (apparently they need to keep track if you're going to have surgery) & the look on the docs face when I was 5kg down from last time was priceless! Less impressed when I told her about the diet though, like to see her try it!

    Hope everyone else is doing well. I wonder how all the people not on this site cope with this diet?!? Its a complete lifeline for me!
  22. Mrs Roch

    Mrs Roch Silver Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Afternoon guys...

    I've just read through the thread and it seems a mixture of days for everyone.

    Good Luck to everyone getting weighed later - hope it's a good result for you all... :)

    Well Done Jo.. I posted on your other thread - you must be feeling fantastic, I'm so pleased for you.. :party0011:

    Everyone seems to be glugging the water with frenzy today... good going all of you - I'm sure that's the key to some of the big weekly weightlosses...

    My morning has been manic, I've not known if to scratch my "a*** or my elbow)... am counting down the days to me week off w/c 13th Aug. This has been the first opportunity I've had to log on so I'm sorry to join you late.

    I've done 1L of water and 1 Tetra and have started on my 2L of fizzy with S/Berry.

    Not so cold today but I've come prepared to work with my own Cardi - borrowed someones yesterday which was black and I don't do black - it really doesn't suit me but I love it... :(

    Not much else to report - am off to read some other threads now...

    Enjoy your day... :)
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