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It's Wednesday**** Lets Do It Hour By Hour****

Morning magster!

I cant sleep at all these days, keep stressing over silly things (and waking up totally desperate for water). So here I am up at the crack of A*se practically waiting to go to work.

Our cleaners in work were rubbish so they got sacked, seeing as their replacements cant start for another week all the supervisors are clubbing together to do their bit. This means i'll be cleaning the restaurant, doing my beer line cleaning, and the bar ordering all before 11am :(

Anyway, half a litre down, this miserable tired girl is off to look at the inspiration slideshow and get her head back in the game xxx


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Morning everyone

Been up since stupid o'clock again, though not had a bad night's sleep. Weigh in today, off to Nicky's at 1pm then I think I'm having the little one for a bit this afternoon, cos she wants to come to Nanties house. Feel like shoving my sons alarm up where the sun don't shine, it woke me up at 5.30 grrrrrr.

1/2 litre down, 2 coffees and planning on having a good day today
Aw Andrea,drop her off at mine for a bit??

Why does K get up so early? Good luck with WI!

I'm watching "Supersize Vs Superskinny" on demand - i'm actually pretty convinced that Oli and I should apply. We've made a pact to swap body weights over the next 6 weeks. He's 10st 10 and i'm 12st 0 (it aint gunna happen, he can never gain 18lbs but i WILL lose 18lbs no problem :D)
Feeling a bit better now that i've downed another litre xxxx
Morning all

She is currently stropping about her brekkie and unless she eats that shes going NOWHERE :mad:

I have lost another 2lb, totally unexpected cos I have mucked about a bit this week again, had a cheat in a big way on Monday night, but today I am back in the pink!!!:D:D:D

Have a great day all X
Mornin' All,
Blimey Spooks - just saw your pics. What a difference 3 odd stone make - I can't wait!!! Well done! BTW - I used to use Gaffa Tape on my wee ones!lol (only jokin' - honest!!!lol)
Leah - Chin up mate, The day will be done before you know it and you will soon be in the swing of things and sleeping well again. STOP WORRYING!
Mags - sounding cheerful and raring to go - Why can't I be like that!lol
Caress - Grrrrrrrrrrrr Bloody kids but, hey, at least you're up on the fluid intake!
Me - bloody knackered. Not sleeping well at all though happy in myself. Due the curse yesterday but it's usually late and hope it doesn't affect my WI!
Hope y'all enjoy your day.
Take care
Hi all
Just popping in before I start work at 9am.
Been really trying the last few days and have been very good but what with constipation and totm I am looking v v bloated:cry: Getting abit panicky as The Sun photos are being taken tomorrow and I don't want to look like a beached whale:(
Think I'll just stick to tetras today if i can!
Morning Everyone,

Jo, dont panic hun bout the photo shoot you look fab,and most deffinatly dont look like a beached whale. Hope you have a good day at work xx

Nicky well done on another 2lb loss xx

Maggie have a good time in town xx

Well an eventfull morning here in the saffron household !!!,
stupid stupid ME decided to flood the house oopppppsssss !!, started to run the bath and went back to the bedroom while it was running and you guessed it i went back to sleep **hangs head in shame n embarresment**, woke up bout 30mins later with an over flowing bath, which in turn the water was drippin out of the downstairs hall light and downstairs loo light water all over the floor in hall and loo , oh the shame, am such a PRAT, so called me dad to bring round the wet vac

On a plus youngest DD is back at school today

Am 2 GT's down so far, and 1/2 ltr



Fed up of being fat
Morning all

Had a good nights sleep but still feel like I could happily crawl back in to bed .... cant though cause Im popping out in a bit. Daughter is back at school today, shes feeling better and son is at nursery till noon. Just having my first hot choc drink, catch up on minis and then off out.

Hope you all have a great morning x


MUST get a grip
Morning all
JJJ - you'll look great
Spooks - well done
Leah - go for it
SJ - hi de hi
Tansy - still going for it - brill
HM - always up early, I have to lay in pit for ages before I drag myself up
Missy - loving the cranberry crunch hun xxx

Have a great day all xxxx
Hi lovelies, just thort i'd pop in and wish you all a fab day. I'm still not very well so will be spending most of the day in bed me thinks.

Good luck with getting through the day :) xx


MUST get a grip
Hi lovelies, just thort i'd pop in and wish you all a fab day. I'm still not very well so will be spending most of the day in bed me thinks.

Good luck with getting through the day :) xx
Sorry your still feeling poorly - stay tucked up in the warm hun xxx
Afternoon all, im alright today had my shake this morning and a pint of water just going to have a coffee in a min as im feeling cold today.
keeping myself busy with doing my coursework.
hope everyone is alright.
TARA!!!! Omg how awful for you! Hope its all mopped up now! xx


Fed up of being fat
Afternoon all

Hope you are all getting on fine? Im ok, have had an afternoon where Ive been fancying naughty things but, Ive been very good and even surprised myself by resisting the many naughty things in our cupboard!! Must be my mind trying to play games, I know Im not hungry just thoughts telling me 'just one then start again tomorrow' popping in my head, then it passes. Feel very good resisting as normally I cave in and have many little blips.

Hope you get everything dried out Tara.

Just having hot choc drink before I head over the school and collect my daughter. Will pop on again later x


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Have been out to a funeral today and met loads of folks who haven't seen me since losing weight!

I will say that it has done my self-confidence the power of good hearing all those wonderful comments about me!

Really suffering with cravings again today,hopefully getting weighed tomorrow will give me a boost.
Jo-Hope you have a great time at the Sun.A friend of mine did one a couple of tears ago after losing 11 stone and she had a brilliant day and everybody was lovely.


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