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Its WEDNESDAY - Lets do it Hour by Hour


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I thought I'd start the daily os I haven't done it for ages. How is everyon today? Good luck to those with weigh ins and don't forget your water!

Due to some majo procratination I have to write an essay today so I'm gonna be glued to my computer!

Have a FABULOUS day everyone!
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-coughs and splutters- Morning peeps

Went to the docs yesterday and she gave me the charming news that I have a chest infection, (which actually I told her, cos I can spot the signs a mile away), so now I have antibiotics and cos it's causing trouble with my asthma, she gave me an additional inhaler to add to the other 2 I take anyway.

Feeling moderately better this morning, I slept anyway, got about 5 hours, before waking up coughing and choking at 5.30. My nose is still bunged up though.

Weigh in day today, I'm hoping for a good loss this week, I should have lost the 5lb of glycogen and water I put on last week, and then some hopefully.

Hope everyone has a good day and good luck to anyone with weigh ins
hello chika, i had a day of yesterday my daughters birthday but i didnt enjoy the food and missed my shakes, so back on it today loads of water.
good luck with your essay. hope everybodies day is good.
Morning all! Still waiting to hear from a CDC, really want to get started asap :( Ah well.

Good luck to those with weigh in's today!

S xx


I will get to goal .....
Morning Gang,

WI for me last night - 7.75lbs gone!! So I'm feeling rather proud of myself today :D Moved onto SS+ this week so looking forward to my extra pack later and having a cup of tea with milk as I type this. It's heaven (how sad)!

Chika hun, best of luck with the essay.

Caress, glad you are feeling marginally better today. Best of luck with WI

Scopio Dawny, enjoy your packs again today ;) get loads of water down you and I'm sure you'll reverse any food damage.

Sarette, good luck for your start on CD. It's the best thing ever!!

Have a great morning and I'll pop back later on to see how everyone is doing
:)Morning everyone - Chika, get working, it'll soon be done (I'm in the same boat!lol)
Andrea - so sorry you are unwell, hope you're feeling better soon
Dobbie - great result with the WI
Sarette - hope you get the CDC sorted soon, this is a great diet in terms of results!
Dawny - onwards and inwards girl
Gemma - good to see you're so positive

To all else who follow - have a lovely day. It's cold out there so wrap up warm and take care


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Well done Dobbie! Thats great news.

Tansy hows your essay going? There is nothing worse in the world but I'm determined to finish it today... Whats yours on?


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testing siggy! Excusez Moi!

WooHoo it works!
Morning All,

Stuck at work all day while we are having Blinds fitted in the conservatory!Big smiles as I was less on my scales today than I have been for 5 years so thats a real boost!

Andrea-Get better soon Hun
Dobbie-Fabulous weight lossTansy and Chika-I knew there was a reason God didn't give me a brain!!!
Dawn-enjoy your shakes!
Gemma-Great to hear you sound so positive-Go girl
Emm and Carly-Hope you have a great day

Hope everyone has a great day
and I hope you are feeling happier today to the ratty one from yesterday!You know who you are!!!



MUST get a grip
Morning Gang
Aww Andrea - sorry to hear your still poorly :sick:.... Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in asap hun xxxx

Good luck with all todays WI's - I'm cold, again, for a change! If anyone asked me the one downside of doing VLCD's I think it would have to be how cold I feel during the day.... Its horrible! I'm such a wimp!!!!!!!

Hope everyone else is okey pokey! I had really good water day and drank at least 4 litres plus shakes, soup and pint and half of black T - need to do the same again today.

SUE - brilliant, brilliant news..... this week we are 'scale luvers of the world'....... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catch up laters xxxxxxxxxxxxx
morning miniminers!!!

Busy busy day for me today again! Drank 5litres water yesterday so aiming for the same today and from now on really :D. Good luck to anyone with wi's.

xx becky xx
Morning all :D

hope you're soon on the mend Caress :hug99:
good luck with the essay writing chika
sarette - hope you manage to get in touch with a CDC soon :D
Congratulations on the fab weightloss Dobbie :party0011: :D
Brilliant scales news Susan :party0011: :D

Just had my weigh in - 2lb off this week :D My trousers are falling off and my CDC asked me if I'd bought any new clothes yet - no was the answer to that! She said I ought to go and try on a 14...so I called in at Tesco on the weigh home and did just that! They fitted fine so I bought them :giggle:

Hope you all have a good CD day and good luck with any weigh ins :D
Hi all,

I really need some inspiration today as was at breaking point yesterday....I was so miserable (food really is my comfort which is why I need to take it out of the equation) but everyone around me was eating and everything smelt so nice. But I'm determined to keep at it....hearing all of your achievements really helps and I never want to gain the weight back...I guess I'll just have to keep my chin up!
Sorry you're having a struggle at the moment Designerdiva. Must admit I've had days myself where I've felt miserable and they're horrible :( the only thing to do is push on through to the other side and keep going. Stay strong :hug99:


determined to be thin!
Well done wigglychick for getting into size 14 trousers! I cant wait to be in the same position, have a good day all, am off to work now (boo)

where in London do you live? I think you are doing fantastic. Just do it an hour at a time and post a LOT

Hey Everyone else... Have a super day today!!
Im based in South East London.....but I drive which means can get around everwhere....Are you nearby?

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