ive added some pics

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by hippychicken, 4 November 2008 Social URL.

  1. hippychicken

    hippychicken Full Member

    week before i started LL and me last friday, 8 and half weeks into it!
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  3. vintella

    vintella Full Member

    you can really see the difference, your face has slimmed so much
  4. hippychicken

    hippychicken Full Member

    bless thank u! only few more weeks to go im counting down the days!!
  5. Percy greenfingers

    Percy greenfingers Silver Member

    Well done Hippychick, you look fabulous!
  6. Tange

    Tange Silver Member

    WOW you look lovely. What a difference. Well done.
  7. karmawitch

    karmawitch Full Member

    You can really notice, you look great - well done !
  8. notts_bhoy

    notts_bhoy Full Member

    it's really annoying when everyone can look at these pictures and i am not aloud :-( think i will reply to my own message a few dozen times so that the site allows me to look .
  9. vintella

    vintella Full Member

    nhotts boy go on to the word game thread and play for bit will quickly boost your posts
  10. notts_bhoy

    notts_bhoy Full Member

    Vintella , great idea ! , i will go on there now and play with myself (if you'll pardon the expression :) ) lol
  11. SweetySuperstar

    SweetySuperstar Full Member

    wow you look fabulous, i immediately thought that you look so much younger in your new photo too!! it's brill that the difference is already showing, that'll really keep you going!! xx
  12. RecoveringChocaholic

    RecoveringChocaholic I'm going to be slim

    Wow Well done you look fantastic
  13. bekimo

    bekimo Fighting Demons....

    Wow, that's a hell of a difference in under 9 weeks hun!

    Well done you!

    B x
  14. catznolan

    catznolan nearly there!! :)

    oh u look fab well done hunni xxx
  15. SerenityValley

    SerenityValley Surgically happy.

    You look fabulous! (and you looked fabulous before you started so you must feel so great!).

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