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i've bit the bullet....

G: 11st0lb
well, just been to the chemist.very bizarre i must say. no fitty like i was hoping for.instead it was a timid lady. anyway, she ushered me in to this little room and asked me to fill out a form. she didn't ask any questions, nly if i'd heard about lipotrim. she then just gave me a few leaflets, weighed me, gave me my sachets and off i toddled!!!thank god I have you guys on here else i'd be screwed!!
In a way, I kinda like it that way because you can just go in go out. I can't be doing with people patronising me. I remeber at slimming world once, i lost 1lb and everyone was whooping and being overly nice. anyone would have thought i'd lost 5 stone!
any way, get home, have a look in my bag(which i was trying so hard to conceal on the way to the car) and find i've got 11 chicken soups i mean for christ sake can it get any worse.

any way ill shut up moaning now. xxxx
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Well done for taking the 1st step!! You really wont regret it.

So, when are you starting? And why 11 chicken soups??? Did you ask for them? They are a very acquired taste.....add loads of spices! Good luck on your journey xxxxx
G: 11st0lb
No idea why so many!!prob thought i looked a chicken soup kinda gal!!!

Starting on sat as going to my friends tomorrow night for the last supper.Lots of vino involved!!!

thanks for your words of encouragement this forum is great for support. A lot more supportive than my boyfriend who is currently glued to his ps3!xx
Well done you, thats great that you have gone. Mmm, the chicken soups, I would try one and if you dont like it, pop back into the Pharmacy and swap them.
My favourite has to be strawberry and tonight I mixed chocolate with a peppermint tea......that was yummy.
Good luck for Saturday, but have a fabby night tomorrow. I


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S: 12st5lb C: 11st8lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 0st11lb(6.36%)
They usually ask you what you'd like! I really like all the shakes but the soup and flap jacks are vile!! Have a fab night tomorrow and have a Vino for me!!!!xxx


Is a loser :)
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OMG burn them the soup is horried lol! you can ask for what you want you know, I have been having 14 strawb and 7 chocolate...going off the strawb a little so think i'll go for 14 chocolate and 7 strawb next time...Anyway well done first step over just wait until your first weigh in and see how much you will lose, good luck!


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11 soups is a bit much! Though I do like them, they are warm and will make you feel like you had a hot meal. I want more than 3 this week :)

Your experience at the pharmacy sounds like mine - she seemed to just want to get on with it and get me out! lol.....wonder if we use the same pharmacy.....:8855:


This year is my year....
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Bring the soups back tomorrow if you dont like them. My Chemist is really good and he said he will swap anything during the week.

I like the fact your Chemist didnt ask you many questions. My Chemist is over friendly!! He spent 15mins talking to me today and my first meeting was 35mins!!!
He even called me on Saturday afternoon to see how i was getting on!!!
G: 11st0lb
Thanks guys you're all so lovely.
I will have a glass of wine for all of you tomorrow night. then you can all feel sorry for me on saturday when i've got a stinking hangover and have to drink 3 portions of the evil soup!!!xxx
G: 11st0lb
ill see how i get on. you never know, i might be chicken soups biggest fan!!I'm full of surprises!!
good luck for sat!!!we will have to support eachother!xx


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don't have 3 soups in one day, especially day 1! You will get fed up. I try to have a different flavour for each meal :)
G: 11st0lb
ill take your advice purpleangel n be a rebel, switch things up a bit!!
i wsh i liked coffee,then i could try a latte..xxxx
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Good luck with LT!
I just tried my first chicken soup today..and dammnn it's horrible although I drank half of it, but then I just couldnt do it any longer blaarghh


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Sall - add chili flakes too it and some pepper and paprika. It will taste so nice...promise :)
S: 14st2lb G: 11st11lb
PurpleAngel thanks for the tip, but thankfully that was the only chicken soup I had :D
btw..the other thing, flap jack or sumth like that it's horrible too :|
G: 11st0lb
do you want one of my chicken soups sal?!ive got 11!!!haha
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hey hun
if you take your shakes back to your pharmacy they should be able to change them for you!... i hated the chicken in my 3rd week and she changed them for me...
i think i would also have been screwed if i didnt have everyone online because my pharmacist couldnt even tell me what ketosis was.. she said you will go into ketosis.. :p hehe but when i asked she was stumped.. but generally they are rubbish!
G: 11st0lb
hehe I'm not the only one then!!! Bless her she was lovely, but about as useful as a chocolate fire guard.

o my word, going off the subject slighty but i can hear my neighbour having jiggy jiggy. I wouldnt mind, but she's 60. i've had to put the ear plugs in..xx
S: 14st2lb G: 11st11lb
Ahah plussize barbie thanks but that one was enough for me..but good luck with the chicken soup I bet you'll need it *_*

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