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I've caved

Hi all well got to day 10 and caved couldnt do it anymore had really bad week with my little girl and got TOTM first one in 7 months grrrrrrrr made me feel like poo had veggies ever since and still drinking the water not sure now wether to go back to ssing or just cut down completely on normal food. i know i could do it but just feel so weak due to TOTM at mo still got a weeks worth of cd food so could go back to it for days i suppose good luck all you lot with will power. Am saying that cos i am a failure again :wave_cry:
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Thanks nige thats encouraging really appreciate it think i will go with shake in morn soup at lunch and veggies in evening as it suits me alot better with 3 young kids good luck to you xxxxxx


please try again
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during my last totm i ended up eating a chicken salad most days, was a bad one. it helped me to stay on plan and am now ssing again
if you feel like you cant ss then have you considered 790? this way you could still have a small meal and those on 790 get good losses too


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Could you do AAM so you get to eat something? Might help.


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beat me to it sumayyah!!!
Sezzymac, you are not a failure. You had some vegetables. In the past when i have lost it on WW i would have does a darn sight worse than eating veg. Dairy milk would have been comforting me I wouldn't have tasted a bit of it.

You've stuck to the water so why not give SS another try or try one of the other plans with added food.

You've done very well so please do not be down about it.
Thanks you lot i always tke in what you say yeh might do 790 but think i will go back to ssing to finish up what i have got here then just eat smaller portions and more healthily good luck to you all with your diets hope you stick to it and achieve your goals i will post every now and again to see how you are all getting on take care xxxxxx
You could try and do AAM when it's TOTM, and SS the other weeks? You've done really well over the last 10 days, and as you've said yourself "I know I could do it..." but it's the TOTM which has set you back. So just count this week as your AAM week eat some protein too and then back to SS when your feeling better again.....don't give in now!!!
As the song goes "Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again." Eating veggies and drinking water isn't that bad. You could have done a whole lot worse! Nige

Couldn't have said it better myself!! :)

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