I've changed my Target...


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hi hun xx

ive changed mine but upwards first - i wanted to be 8st 4 but im going for 9st 4 first and then ill relook at it then



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I change my target all the time.....!!!!

I'm just not sure what I want haha, driving my CDC mad!! :)) I'll see how I feel when I get to (or near to) this target and hope I'll stick to this target.



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...from 10st to 9st 7lbs

has anyone else changed theirs? this new target would mean id lost 3.5st...im 2lbs off 2st at the moment.

would love to be maintaining by xmas!!

yup, i changed mine from 70kg to 68kg, but I already weigh 68kg now (on my scales, my CDC's scales always give me 2kg more because I am after a meal and in my clothes:D) so I am guessing that by 1st december i will be around 66kg on my scales, 68kg on CDC's scales. then i am moving up the programmes and I'll be done with CD by christmas:)


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Mine was 10 stone but now I'm thinking perhaps 9 st 7 because as I'm getting closer (about 1 stone to go) I realise that I'm not "big boned" but I'll see once I reach 10 stone


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my original goal was 11 st 1lb then to 10 6, now aiming at around 10 stone but moving up plans now and will be happpy to stay as I am at 10 4


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mine is 11st 7 but would prefer to be about 11. will see how i feel when i get close to target :)

abz xx


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I've moved my goal posts too.

Aimed for 10st 4lbs, but am now 10st 3lbs and not losing much weight weekly, at all now.
New goal is 9st 10lbs.

Have been on CD810 for the last 11 days and reckon that i will move to CD 1000 tomorrow. Reckon i am getting my handfuls of veg wrong, maybe too much and too many carbs??????

Part of me is desperate to shift those last 7 lbs, but the aother part of me is a bit lethargic, having reached my 1st goal.
Am also getting a bit bored now of constant sachets. Need a kick up the:massmoon: