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ive decided


weighs a lot less
as you all know ive been of 2 minds whether to refeed or wait.
I phoned LT this afternoon and explained that i am starting to get really moody and that my weight loss wasnt so great this week,they said that as your body is getting near to a healthy weight for you then it is perfectly normal to experience mood swings its your bodies way of telling you that you should be thinking about stopping,the lovely american guy i spoke to suggested doing the refeed but only doing days 1 and 2 therefore not introducing carbs just yet and see how i feel in a week ,that way i will still be in ketosis and still losing but giving my body what it needs.
So as of tonight i am no longer on tfr,im scared but i couldnt keep going on like this and i didnt want to end up hating LT when it has given me my new life,i hope you all understand and arent disappointed in me ,thankyou all for all the support you have given me in the past ,a special thankyou has to go to tracy,she has been there right from the start and without her i could never have come this far and i cant forget garry one of the most amazing and inspirational men i have ever had the pleasure to meet love you loads lillie xx
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good luck with the refeeding lillie and if you were feeling down then maybe it's what your body needs. keep us posted on your feelings. you have always given good advice so thank you
I hear ya lil go for it.You are almost there anyway I think at your weight I would be stopping too.I'm starting refeed as of tomorrow too.good luck keep me posted!!


Wants it Gone!
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hey lillie there is no way we could be disappointed with you at all!! You obviously were thinking about this long and hard and im very proud of your decision.

Best of luck with the refeed and you better stay on and tell us how you find it, the thoughts of doing refeed at the moment scare me too!
you've done great lil and I think sometimes you have to do the last bit on youre own!!I am determined to keep losing but determined as well to start eating healthly and making good choices where food is concerned.You'll be the same I know it.And the amount of no carb low carb choices are huge.


weighs a lot less
im not planning on going anywhere ,im gonna need some advice,i still feel like ive let you lot down ,sorry garry i just couldnt risk my family for the sake of being thin xx
Go for it........ya lucky, lol! I might ring him tomorrow, only kidding. You will not regret your dicision Lill...........ENJOY MMMMMMMM , you've deserved it {{{{{XXX}}}}}


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Lillie - you've done amazing & been a total inspiration to me :) Enjoy the refeed sweetheart xx
lil nothin to feel bad about (says her who scoffed chicken salad in record time oopppss) you are nearly there anyway so whats the dif? you will continue to get support and to inspire others on here.you will also continue to lose weight!paul mckenna told me in bed last night!


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i agree with everybody, well done ,you too have been a real inspiration, a fantastic achievement, good luck on the refeed, you have to put your family first and get back to the land of the living!x
I know I'm such the ho bag,however in my defence he is pretty charismatic so I 'm told and everytime I see food I think of pubes now every time he sees my pubes he thinks of food.Peaches an cream apparently.Sorry if this offends anyone, take it up with paul mckenna.


weighs a lot less
i know exactly how you feel,dont know whether it all in my head but i feel much happier already,looking forward to my shake though xx


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Lillie ...darling you have absolutely nothing to apologise for you have done fabulous hunni ..you have been soooo committed and helped me no end You are doing the thing that is best for you...and at the end of the day , thats why you started LT


weighs a lot less
thanks a lot hun ,you have made me laugh a lot and that doesnt half help when you are on this diet,i went the gym today then came home and went for a run,omg how hard is running ,let me know how i can sponsor you and i will xx


Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
God laughing has helped soooo much...i reckon you will fly through refeed x
Running is sooo tough..i have a love hate relationship with it at the mo...think i am going to die when i do it in 2 weeks ekkkk
To sponsor you need you debit card and to click this link - Race for Life - Nicola Robinson's Fundraising Page ...don't forget to click yes to gift aid..costs you nothing the Goverment actually pays it OMG first thing ever lol Thanks hunni xx
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Lillie you are doing the best thing for you and everyone around you. I get days where i am so miserable on LT and my family really suffers it but they are so good because they know how much it means to me and they want me to be thin too.

Your family is way too important and you are nearly at goal. So have lovely chicken salads or tuna salads and enjoy it because you deserve it xx

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