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Discussion in 'Weight Loss Diaries' started by ShakeEmUp, 5 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. ShakeEmUp

    ShakeEmUp Full Member

    This time last year I joined minimins under a different username and have to admit that I made a very good start under slimming world. However, due to circumstances (which I'll go into more depth about shortly) that in all honesty I let beat me, I've put every single lb back on (if not more).

    I want to start my new diary by thanking someone - Linz. This evening she messaged me on facebook to see where I had disappeared to and I actually messaged her back saying that I wouldn't be coming back for a while because of these circumstances. But after clicking send, I thought to myself, why should I let things beat me and got back on here and re registered under a new username.

    The past few months I have been a big comfort eater as I let things with mum get on top of me. For people who don't know me - she's severely disabled, in a wheelchair 24/7 and has quite a few life threatening illnesses. A few months ago a big meeting was held about her at the dr's surgery and the health professionals have started to put things into place such as a living will and a dnr (do not resuscitate) order, should she slip into a coma. She got sent for an ecg, panicking us all and we now all have to go for counselling :(

    Add to this my fiance's mother, who has been trying to take over my wedding plans, tried to make me buy a wedding dress to small for me and who is just being a general cow. Every single time we're over visiting his family, she always has to turn around and ask me how the diet is going (in front of lots of people) and then lecture me on how I should be eating less and moving more.

    And then on top of this my dad's family are being idiots yet again, but I'm not even going to get into that as some of them have chosen to cut ties with us, despite us having done nothing wrong.

    So, as you can see, loads has been going on and I will 100% admit that I haven't been as focused as I should have been. So this is what the new year is about, which I'll go into detail on my next post.

    I don't know how many people's diaries I'll be able to get to with me being a new member, but, I'll try my hardest to get in touch with the wonderful people who kept me going on my old account. :wavey:
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  3. ShakeEmUp

    ShakeEmUp Full Member


    This has been my majoy downfall over the past few months and I really need to start getting things back into shape. I know slimming world worked for me but I want to be able to give myself a bit more freedom with the hexa and hexbs, so what I'm planning on following is a combination of slimming world and slim fast.

    Breakfast and evening meal is going to be roughly based on slimming world, such as the cooking in fry light, extra veggies etc. But lunch is going to be a large fruit salad, plus a slim fast milkshake as well as 2 litres of water every single day.

    I also need to go out and buy myself a new slow cooker as I managed to destroy my old one by leaving it on high for 6 hours to cook a chilli con carne (I thought it was set at low - obviously not). So, one night, we came back home and the place stunk of VERY well done chilli :giggle:
  4. ShakeEmUp

    ShakeEmUp Full Member

    Oh, and I wanted to introduce you all to our special little man - Bruce :D He has been absolute perfection, we couldn't ask for a better dog


    Oh, and the floor has been hoovered since I took this picture, it's unbelievable the amount of bits he brings in from the garden :giggle:
  5. ED.

    ED. Champion Weight Gainer. Repeat offender.

    Im new so never knew your old account, but welcome back and best of luck to you :) xx
  6. Smurfette

    Smurfette Full Member

    Great attitude shakeemup - I am the same - I conquered my bad eating habit before too - and I like u am determined to do it again - best of luck!
  7. ShakeEmUp

    ShakeEmUp Full Member

    Thank you :)

    We're away on monday, off to the trafford centre to see if I can get some foundation samples to trial before our wedding, but am hoping to get started fully on tuesday when we're back at home x
  8. vee67

    vee67 Full Member

    Welcome back and good luck with your journey - will love catching up on your posts x
  9. pjallen1982

    pjallen1982 Gold Member

    Hi emms

    Found you here :) I'm so sorry to hear about your mum. That must be awful to have to face. I'm
    Not sure what to say apart from we are here for you so vent as much as you want.

    As for your MIL, how very dare she make comments like that. Your fiancé is marrying you because he loves you as you are. It's none of her business what size you are. Hugs

    Cute doggy... :)

    Good luck with your food plan, let us know how you're doing x
  10. lsf666

    lsf666 Watch this space...

    Found you :)

    Sorry to hear if all your challenges lately. And your Mum x

    Doggy is soooooo cute :)

    When is the wedding?

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  11. Purple Patsy

    Purple Patsy Gold Member

    Sounds like a good plan Em. I did the same sort of thing with my slow cooker. Have you seen the new one with a split pot so you can do 2 meals at once, sounds good. :D

    Bruce looks lovely I bet you have your hands full keeping him in order. :D

    Sorry to hear about your family issues, it's hard to focus on losing weight when life is throwing all this other stuff at you. :D Can you politely tell your MIL to butt out and leave you to get on with it or do you need her help for other stuff?

    Don't know if you're up for it but a new WMR challenge has just started. :D
  12. ShakeEmUp

    ShakeEmUp Full Member

    Lisa, it's the 20th of July ... I was about to say next year, but it's this year :eek:

    We kinda knew it was coming with mum, but didn't really expect the drs etc to throw themselves into it so quickly. It's as if they're expecting something to happen :(

    I'd love to be able to tell her to butt out PP but she's making things so difficult for me when I go over there, it's horrible. I'm dreading going over there tomorrow, but it's something I'm going to have to just put up with if I want to get across to the trafford centre.

    I won't join this WMR challenge, but maybe the next one once I'm back in the swing of things. I need a new battery for my scales so can't update my weight for a while, but will do so asap :)
  13. ShakeEmUp

    ShakeEmUp Full Member

    Oh and for everyone's diaries I haven't been able to get to yet, I'll be there asap once I've got these posts up :giggle:
  14. lsf666

    lsf666 Watch this space...

    Oooooh so 6 months! Not long but just think what you could do in 6 months :D

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  15. ShakeEmUp

    ShakeEmUp Full Member

    I'd love to lose 4 stone, will try, but anything over 1.5 stone will be a bonus :)

    I ordered the slim fast tubs when they were on half price at boots and stocked up on 2 months worth to see how it goes. I got the banana and chocolate flavour, but I was thinking with the chocolate flavour, I could get the alpro hazelnut milk and maybe it would taste a bit like a nutella milkshake? Maybe I'm being a bit overly adventurous :giggle:

    I think for my first back on plan meal (other than breakfast) on tuesday evening, I really fancy some ham, mixed salad, dollop of cottage cheese and some pickled onions :)

    I really need to get some batteries for the scales so that I can find out how much damage I've done
  16. pjallen1982

    pjallen1982 Gold Member

    Love your first meal back on plan. Hope you get a replacement slow cooker soon and you can start back cooking yummy dishes again x
  17. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    Hi Em :wavey: Happy New Year.

    I just want to say welcome back to Mini's! I have really missed you on here. You really did help me through some really tough weeks and made me see sense when I was struggling.lways managed to make me smile. I used to love your old diary, so I'm chuffed that you decided to start another. Woop woop!!

    Also Emmy, well done for being so honest. It can be really tough, and although yoou don't need to explain yourself to anyone, it sometimes helps to just get everything off your chest. Then you feel like you can draw a huge line under the whole horrid thing, walk away and move on from it.

    No more sneaking off please, there's no getting rid of me that easily :D I'm now subscribed to you again and cant wait to keep in touch on this brand new shiny diary of yours.

    Hope 2013 is your year. Have a great day hun xx
  18. Chipmunk89

    Chipmunk89 but you can call me Toni!

    Here to subscribe :) it's lovely to see you back x
  19. Rosielea

    Rosielea Gold Member

    Em it is lovely to see you back. Sorry to hear about your issues. As someone else said try to concentrate on yourself a bit and before you know the weight will come off. We are all here to help each other. I know we have not met face to face but I feel we are a group of friends that can help each other to get through tough times. Feel free to vent off when issues are stressing you.

    Hope you have had a good day and managed to sort out your foundation and other bits.

    Look forward to reading your diary and if I can help with anything please do not hesitate to message me.

    Love your first meal you have planned. Cottage cheese is one of my favourite food - my colleague you to make fun of me by saying cottage cheese is devil's food (she hates it).

    Take care and I pop in here tomorrow evening to read your news. Big hug.
  20. Aymz

    Aymz Silver Member

    Hi! Great to see you back here. Best of luck x
  21. ShakeEmUp

    ShakeEmUp Full Member

    Ok, so first day back on food plan and am off to a good start. I started the day with a glass of water when I got woken up by the pup and am currently munching my way through an apple, then banana on toast followed by a muller light (with another glass of water).

    Yesterday was good, we weren't really in the trafford centre for long as I pretty much knew what I wanted. First off was debenhams - I first went to the Urban Decay counter, got myself a tester of their Naked Skin foundation and bought one of their lipglosses. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the foundation that suits my skin as I love everything I've tried from them and will be using the naked palette to do my eyeshadow on the day and using their setting spray. But, I did also get a sample of Estee Lauder foundation to try. Oh and I bought my wedding day perfume - Chanel Coco Mademoiselle :D Then I popped into boots and got a tube of clinique's mascara and some of the real techniques brushes to do my eye makeup with

    I have to say I was glad to come home though as the mother in law was driving me nuts and we were only in her company for a couple of hours at the most :eek: Let's just say that sunday and yesterday a) she didn't listen to what we want for the pup i.e not giving him milk, b) she took him for a walk while we were at the trafford centre (but because she couldn't find his lead, she took him on a piece of string) ... she just annoys me when she acts like she knows best and that's how things should be done

    I'm kind of hoping that the structure of a food plan is going to keep me well motivated for the next couple of weeks while I get back into the swing of things. I think the problem I found with slimming world is the having to have so much of either milk/cheese or bread/cereal bars/etc. Some days I really don't fancy things like that and found it really hard to try and incorporate them into my food plan, so what I want to do is basically healthy eating with a slim fast milkshake thrown in for lunch :)

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