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I've done it..From 27st to 12st in 13 months

Well I can hardly believe I made it to week 2 but I'm so glad I stuck it out as I have lost another 11 pounds :D

I'm chuffed to bits and feel fantastic. Bring on week 3.
Well I weighed in this morning and I've lost 3 pounds. I'm a little disappointed but still determined, after all it is a loss.

Trying to look on the positive side - I only have 3 pounds left to reach my first mini goal and I now have less than 200 pounds to lose.

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On my Way...
Another week, another weigh in and I've lost 6 pounds :D, which I am happy about as it is also totm. My first mini goal has been achieved and I haven't been this weight for years.

I feel great and for the first time in a long time I feel happy - this diet rocks. I'm also doing my measurements every 4 weeks and so far I have lost.

Bust - 3 inches
Waist - 2 inches
Belly - 4 inches
Hips - 4 inches
Arm - 1 inch
Leg - 2 inches
Week 5 and I have lost another 6 pounds :D. I'm thrilled because I gave up a night out with a much loved friend and this is the perfect reward.

For all the strugglers and restarters keep your head and keep going..it really is worth it.

I've also reached mini goal number 2. The gorgeous pants now fit and fasten :D.

The sun is shining - have a great day everyone.
Wow these week sure are flying.

Week 6 weigh in and I have lost 8 pounds :D.

To be honest I am gobsmacked as I was expecting a low loss having had good losses for the last two weeks.

Only five pounds to go and I will have lost fifty pounds...yay me xx
OMG you lost all those pounds so fast ... go girl go! you are terrific, just think where you would have been if you were not on CD.


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Wow - your loss is amazing. You must be so thrilled and I bet seeing those punds drop off is real motivation! Well done you.
Thanks Ladies. Believe it or not I've been on and off with CD for 5 years...madness.

Something has just clicked with me this time around and I'm loving it at the moment - the losses are a great morale booster and I'm confident that I'll see it through to the end.

Sharon xx
Woo hoo I weighed in and have lost 5 pounds making it 50 pounds in 7 weeks :D.

I'm so happy as I have had the worst week since I started this diet - water retention, puffy ankles and a period that just won't go away :(.

But enough moaning from me I'm almost at my 3rd mini goal (must think of some new ones).

Have a great day everyone.

Sharon xx


One day at a time!
Well done, you have done amazingly well - be very proud! You are an inspiration to me too:)


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Wow - 50lb in 7 weeks is amazing!!!!!
Go you.
Hey all..I'm so glad I didn't come off plan for the party as I have lost another 7 pounds making it 4st 1lb lost in 8 weeks :D :D :D. This is the lowest weight I have been for 5 years and this diet is changing my life in ways I couldn't have imagined.

I feel much more healthy, sleep better, have loads of energy and my skin, hair and nails are in much, much better condition. My clothes are dropping off me (and there is no bigger incentive than that). At the beginning of this diet I was a size 34 :( :eek: and not I am a snug size 26 and I can shop in Evans again - who ever thought that would be something to celebrate :8855:

The period from hell has has finally gone away and I have done my 8 week measurements and I have lost the following:

Bust - 5 inches
Waist - 5 inches
Belly - 9 inches
Hips - 5 inches
Arm - 1 inch
Thigh - 3 inches

Thanks everyone for your support.

Sharon xx

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