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Ive done so bad today :(


Fed up of being fat
Ive been plodding along quite nicely on 790 but today has been my worst craving day ever. Since yesterday I have been craving (not needing) certain crappy foods and I buckled and have eaten. Ive had 4 jammie dodgers, ham sandwhich and a kit kat (argh) Im so cross with myself. I knew at the time Id feel like this (crap) a couple of hours later but still I reasoned with myself to eat and deal with it later ... its now obviously later.

Its my totm which I think hasnt helped at all, Ive been feeling quite emotional (not like me) and snappy and really have wanted to just comfort eat. But even so I should have just stopped myself.

Im confessing my sins here to stop myself self destructing even more. Weigh in tomorrow too so not expecting a good result :(

I hope everyone is having a much better day than me today .. lol
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What's done is done - no point in beating yourself up.

I've done the same many many times - I foundthat it's best to just draw a line under it, treat it as a blip and carry on!!

Good luck with the rest of your journey

Ails xx
I've done the same this weekend Missy. Draw a line under it & start again tomorrow.

Those damn cravings drive me mad & they are so easy to give into.

I really must be good now, as I have a Holiday booked for 6 weeks time.

Here is my line

Hi Missymoo,

i think we all have days like that from time to time, its doing it everyday that causes the problem.
How are you getting on have you move up to the 790 plan using sf? I have had a real struggle this week i think its really hard with the kids off for soooo long even they get bored and start to play up. How much have you lost since starting with sf. I have not posted for a while i have now finished with cd due to funds and i am trying to be sensible.
When I have totm I try to have all chocolate shakes and bars, etc, just in case the craving for chocolate hits. Although, to be truthful, since I started CD I haven't had those same cravings I had before.

It's my TOTM also, so I know exactly where you are coming from. I've been craving food for the last couple of days, lucky for me it's my AAMW, but I still crave chocolate. Funny, I used to love chocolate, but since starting LL & then CD I've not missed chocolate, only when it's TOTM.

I agree with a lot of the other replies, draw a line under what's happened today.

Good luck.


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Yep, come TOTM, I hit the choc mint shakes in a big way..I am always ravenous. Missymoo, don't dwell on what happened...think of all that you've achieved not a little blip! You're doiing well!


Fed up of being fat
Aww thanks all, your replies are all much appreciated. I feel a lot better about it, still kicking myself but time to move on and keep going. I only have choc tetras on this diet, I didnt like the others, thats perhaps why I feel I still want something on top of that at totm? For me the choc flavour is my normal daily meal? Im going to be more prepared for next time ... lol ... not sure how yet but Ive got 4 weeks to work something out.


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Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start, just carry on and you'll be fine.

Keep trying other flavours from time to time cos you will probably find your tastes changing. I couldn't stomach the soups as soups only as crisps but now I find I really enjoy a warming mug of soup. Variety is the spice of life they say.

Good luck with the rest of your weight loss journey:)
I`m with you all today, Bad bad day.

Kit kat, hot dog, bbq (chicken,sausage,burger, salad)

Then very small portion of apple pie +custard +cream.

There I have admitted all now !!!!!
And I don`t even like apple pie lol
First big fall off cd, but back to ss tomorrow, good luck to everyone x x

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