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Evening all, my day stated so miserable as i stepped on the scales and discovered id gained a lb, i simply cant understand where iv gone wrong, i exercised manically last night ( steps dvd workout )and for what!!!!!! Im deflated but have powered on and got through another day:rolleyes:

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theres lot of things! u could be retaining water, u could be 'bunged up' (to put it politely!), u could be gaining muscle which weighs heavier than fat. i always weigh heavier after exercise as ur muscles stretch, but it generally comes down again after a few hours. or it could be a simple fluctuation!
I was doing so well, 3and a half pounds down, then that!!!! Im only in my first week so didnt expect a gain at all?

A little bird told me if you carry on the way you are then next week you will have lost more than double what you expected to lose this week. There are loads of reasons, and if you have been good, then being bad isn't one of them. The 1lb isn't fat.
Silly question here but how often are you weighing yourself? You say you're in your first week but mention a 3.5lb loss then a 2lb gain. Are you weighing yourself every day? If so, the pound will be a natural fluctuation which happens on a day to day (or hour to hour) basis.

I would suggest you weigh once a week at the same time of day. Any more than that can be really counter-productive.
Yeah Karenlou iv been weighing myself daily ( silly i know ) Glad to say that pound has now gone and its also totm so perhaps im retaining fluid!!!
Yes, water retention (and totm) are vile aren't they?.

If you are going to weigh yourself every day, it's important not to let blips like that get you down. It's if you gain over the course of a week that you might need to review your diet.

I used to get weighed every day but I've had to learn to stay off the scales cos I always sabotage my diet if I don't!

Sounds like you're having a good first week though x
Well karenlou im gona get weighed tomorrow and see how iv done over the week, im not too hopeful with my totm arriving this morning but i know i havent cheated so will assume that if my weight loss aint great it will be down to that, THEN im gona give my scales to a friend OMG!!!!!!
Yep - when I used to work with a Personal Trainer in the States - she would never weigh me if I had been exercising - don't know what the reasons are - but you will weigh heavier after exercising.....
Hi there newyear, i didnt get weighed straight after id done my work out it was the morning after! Im getting obsessed with the scales so im now giving them to a friend and im only gona get weighed once a week from now on!


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jules I'm going to have to do the same, its so addictive, we should make a pact to only weigh once a week LOL
I confess I was a scalaholic as well, realistically it's best to go by how your clothes are fitting. I didn't practice what I preach I'm afraid. ;)


Wannabe Lean!!!

I, Rela, along with my colleague, Jules75, do solemnly swear that we WILL NOT get on our scales EXCEPT on a weigh-in day. We are empowered women and DO NOT need the daily smug interference from the judgemental metal slabs in our bathrooms.

Amen, sister. LOL.
LOL Rela!!!!! I have sworn myself in and have taken the pledge, no more scale hopping till weigh in day! ( Said through gritted teeth )


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