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:( I've gone and done it again !!


Skinny girl in a fat body
:cry: I have just opened a packet of Bernard Matthews Turkey Breast at ate all 10 slices :wave_cry::cry:. The whole packet amounts to 200 cals. What damage have I done for weigh in n Wednesday? Shall I still have my third pack or will I just have two packs today?

Why can't I be like CurlyWurly or those who can stick to SS 100% and NEVER cheat:cry:. I can't do this:cry:. I can't face another 72 days like this. My mind is constantly on food and the date and my next weigh in. I so much want to be thin, but I am worrying myself into a early grave going on like this.

So, hit me with it - do you think I am sabotaged this weeks weigh in too?
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Why dont you change to ss+ its the same as doing ss but your just adding the food.. It sounds like you need it hon. If you are really missing it that much you can have it.. your not being bad by having food its part of ss+ and the results are just as good as ss..
That way you might be happier and might be able to keep to it knowing you are having a meal in the evening. and you could have a mix a mousse for lunch (LOL).... now dont you be forgetting that bikini your going to be getting into for your hols..
You can do it hon.
I am not sure if you should still have a shake or not tonight..... people say have it as it has all the nutrients.
Perhaps someone else will be able to advise.
Chin up hon xx


Slimming down the aisle
If you're struggling that much, then maybe a move to SS+ would be the best move. From what I've heard it's not a huge difference in loss. To be honest, I have no idea how it'll effect your loss this week, but it could kick you out of ketosis.
aahh Mia, what you need is a big hug !!!
Forget about the turkey, just put it right behind you and make sure you still have your 3rd meal.

I know its easy for me to say, but try not to think of the amount of days you need to stay on the diet, otherwise you`ll drive yourself mad !!!!!

You`ve had a good loss so far, imagine how you`ll feel in a months time, when hopefully another stone will be gone !!! That in itself will help motivate you and keep you going.
The fun you`ll start having soon as you shop for new clothes !!!!!!

Go and have a lovely hot bubble bath and settle in front of the telly !!!
Oh dear! I have been doing CD for 8 weeks now and must admit that I am a serial cheater! However, I don't think that you will have done too much damage and you shouldn't beat yourself up about it otherwise you will only feel tempted to cheat again.

When I feel tempted I try and distract myself.......go for a walk, do some housework or even go to bed! I find my worst times are in the evening when watching TV and usually try and have a couple of glasses of water.

However, having said all of that I have managed to lose 22 on CD (I lost the rest before through exercise) and have not put any on.

Stick with it and if you fall off, get up, dust yourself down and get back on again. It is soooooooooo worth it!

Good luck!;)


Laugh, love, live!
Have your other shake and treat today as a SS+ day. Your a little over with the protein (and ok its turkey not chicken but whose arguing ;)) I am on ss+ because I need the food aspect of the diet and my losses are not too bad so give it some thought. xx
Definitely go to SS+ and I have regularly had the same chicken as you (when i did it last time and it didnt affect it too muc)
Big hugs - yes the diet is hard but you shouldnt have to be tormented as you are on it and I think that SS+ will give you the boost you need xxx
Dont worry chick just put it past you and start again your only human we all mess up. You wont of made that bigger difference it was meat you were eating so not like youve eaten a loaf of bread with tones of carbs so try not to stress xx


Skinny girl in a fat body
Thanks everyone. I am just going to have to get my head round it. I am doing it, and really not doing too bad, but yes I am tormented. I don't enjoy this diet as some do but I know it works.

I can't do SS+, I am better taking food out of the equation altogether. If I eat, I want more. On SS+ I'd have what I am allowed AND more so SS is the best for me. In two weeks time I will be half way through. I just get in these moods sometimes when I want to stuff my face then I cry about it. Sorry if I have put anyone on a downer :(


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:cry: I have just opened a packet of Bernard Matthews Turkey Breast at ate all 10 slices :wave_cry::cry:. The whole packet amounts to 200 cals.
Okay. Could've been a lot lot worse. But out of interest, what made you buy that packet of turkey breast? Were you 'planning' on eating it at some point?

Sorry, going for the tough love angle here, just for a mo. We'll do hugs in a minute... :D :D :D

What damage have I done for weigh in n Wednesday?
Very little - so long as you stop now! Don't go down the, s*d it, I've blown it route.

Shall I still have my third pack or will I just have two packs today?
Yes, you must have it. Turkey breast doesn't contain a third of the nutrients you need for good health - that third shake does.

Why can't I be like CurlyWurly or those who can stick to SS 100% and NEVER cheat:cry:.
Well... No one's forcing you to cheat. The only person putting that food in your mouth is you.

I can't do this:cry:.
Yes you can. But do you want to?

Time to have a think, methinks. What's making you go to the fridge? What triggered that off? Did something happen? Did someone say something? What could you have done instead? Sometimes it helps to tell yourself that you can have that turkey breast, if you really want it, but first you're going to have a cup of coffee/have a bath/watch Eastenders, etc. Often, by the time you've done that something else, you'll find you've managed to talk yourself out of eating the turkey.

Sounds unlikely, I know - but I've found it works for me. Sometimes you just need to get through that moment - and once you're through it, the desire to eat goes away.

Right, enough tough talk, bring on the hugs. :hug99: :hug99: :hug99:


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Oh Mia hun! Forget about the turkey, its done, its gone and it doesn't matter any more. Try and up your water intake tomorrow to counter-act the affect. I really don't think it will make much difference though. You still might be surprised when it comes to WI :)

I'd still have that 3rd shake tonight, your body need the nutrients. You'll do more harm than good if you miss out on it.


Skinny girl in a fat body
Haha Lily. I bought the Turkey breast for my daughter, she's like me and eats meat out of the packet. I went to Morrisons in my lunch hour today (she's still got to eat :() and got some groceries in. I didn't buy the meat for myself. When I got home I was absolutely starving. I have been up since 4.00 a.m. this morning with diarrohea (sp) (TMI I know lol), and my stomach has just felt 'empty' all day. I have been starving. Anyway, I was unpacking the messages (daughter not home) and just couldn't resist the meat :(. I did resist the Snickers, Orange Club's, Wagon Wheels and Chocolate Digestives but the meat was crying out for me. I did intend to only have one slice - but you know how it is.

Yes I want to lose the weight or I wouldn't be putting myself through this haha. It is certainly not enjoyable. I have lost 3 stone on CD before and I need to do this. I just get times when I can't help it. I don't cheat every day. Some days I can do without and not even think about it - others are more difficult for me.
If you think the food aspect of SS+ would be too hard have you considered doing the SS+ option where you have 4 packs a day instead of 3 & 200ml of skimmed milk? The extra pack might make all the difference and it's lovely to have a bit of milk in your tea or coffee, or even go mad & have a half milk coffee with it.

The food is eaten now - don't beat yourself up over it, put it down to experience and start afresh as of now. You can do this!
Aw Mia.. have a hug from me too!
I think though that Lilly brings some interesting points, and I am big on tough love too, but the thing is....
This journey can not be miserable for you....
See if you can the post by icemoose about the two journeys...
If you can't find some enjoyment in CD it really will be a chore all the way!!
For me, I sepnd time each and everyday, remotivating myself and working on my head, I do this not because I am a saint, but because I failed before because of the head stuff so I have had to turn everything on it's head this time to make it work for me.
Why not spend the evening just thinking about what YOU want.... we all know you are worth the results that CD can bring, but the only persons thoughts that are of any importance are your own...
You CAN do it Mia... but you do have to really want it...
Why not start a thread about motivations or something? maybe give you a kick start to think about yours?
If the motivations you have now, arent working for you, then come up with more!
And have ANOTHER HUG... I hate it when people are sad!



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Fair enough. :) Yes, the fact that other people in the household have to eat is a real pain in the neck, LOL. Why can't they starve with us? :D

Hope you didn't take any offence from my post, cos it wasn't meant that way. I was just trying to say something motivational, LOL. I know from the times that I've done daft things, that sometimes I've needed a bit more than sympathy.

But you know, I reckon, from what you say, that you can get your head around this. The trick is to never give up. Sooner or later, the getting it rights have to outweigh the getting it wrongs.

At least, that's what I keep telling myself... :D


Skinny girl in a fat body
I'm ok Tilly - thank you. I am wanting to do this soooo much and I am not going to give in - no way is that an option. The last time I did CD I was miserable for the whole 3 months. I would be telling lies if I said I enjoyed CD, I do it becasue I have to and it works. I just wanted to tell you all what I had done and ask what damage I had done. I think maybe I should stop posting these kind of posts becasue it may make other people demotivated and that's not fair of me. If I feel the way I do, that's my fault. But, I am going to watch Corra with my mousse and have my third shake watching Hell's Kitchen. Tomorrow is another day and I will get back on track. It was only a packet of meat - I will get over it. Thanks for all the advice everyone :)


Skinny girl in a fat body
Hope you didn't take any offence from my post, cos it wasn't meant that way. I was just trying to say something motivational, LOL.

Nooooo, of course not. I need a kick up the bum. I feel like saying to myself - look Miriam, either do it or don't. It takes a bit more than that to offend me:D

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