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I've gone and done it......

Deb G

Silver Member
Cleared the wardrobe.:D

Said goodbye to the 18s, 16s, 14s! FOR GOOD!!!!!:p

Given them to my friend to look through, then she'll take the rest to the charity shop. Some haven't even been worn!

I tried everything on before I put them in the bag, and I looked like a homeless hobo!:eek: Was hilarious.

Now I have room for my lovely 10s and 12s!:D
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Good idea!.... cause I was on LL and gave thousands of pounds of clothes away! Not a good idea!! I'm now locked in my house with nothing to wear! I was 9st 10LBs this time last year and in size 10's 12's and today I weigh 12st 1LB but I did go up to 12st 10LBs
I am refusing to go out and buy fat clothes again and feel people should hold onto them for at least a year! or as you said start a clothes swap!!

blimmey on old post! LOL I'm fat again lol
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Whoo Deb great news, have you bought youself some new jods yet.
That's brilliant news Deb --- ooh all that shopping you now have to go and do to fill the wardrobes back up :D

Deb G

Silver Member
Whoo Deb great news, have you bought youself some new jods yet.
I'm wearing some I bought ages ago - but could never get in to! Luckily, being based on lycra, most of them are ok. My endurance tights are a bight baggy now my bum is half the size - so I look like I've 'had an accident' when I walk round in them!!! Had to get rid of my waterproof chaps cos they look like clown trousers now - got myself some lovely new ones as compensation!! Hee hee!:D
It goes to show you have come a long way rewarding yourself with things other than food.:D

Deb G

Silver Member
YEah - its funny - I don't even THINK about food as a reward now - whereas before it was the first thing I would reach for!!!

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